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5 Wedding Ideas that will Blow your Guests Away

Finding that ‘edge’ to captivate your guests and make your wedding unforgettable can seem a challenging task. Don’t feel daunted! Keeping the following points in mind can provide a guide to sure-fire success with those in attendance.

1.Make it Different

Let the wedding show who you are as a couple. Step out of the cookie-cutter mould and have a¬†wedding that is uniquely suited to you. Themes, though not to everyone’s taste, can be understated and do not have to be gaudy overdone affairs that many initially presume them to be. Inspiration can come from bygone eras, favorite books or special places, to name just a few, all of which can provide a beautiful backdrop. Even when planning a traditional wedding, quirky twists can be added to impress. From unusual flower arrangements to decadent desserts, all will become talking points for your guests.

2.Get the Guests Involved

First and foremost, the guests are there to see the bride and groom. But they don’t have to be mere bystanders. Get them involved in the action by organizing activities, such as quizzes or treasure hunts, that get people together and talking.

Interactive elements allow guests to leave their individual mark on the day. Photo booths are increasingly popular and guest books can be made into elaborate affairs with stamps, pens and other decorations available for people to get creative with.

3.Focus on Details

It is not necessarily the big things that impress – little details can create a sense of unity and prove to be the icing on the proverbial cake.

Customized aspects will make guests feel appreciated and, in turn, appreciative. Personalized wedding favors, for example, can create a sense of intimacy with each guest. Whether it’s to make them laugh or is rather more sentimental, it gives a connection to the bride and groom. It doesn’t have to be costly and such personal touches will be valued more than generic luxury.

4.The Element of Surprise

Give your guests the unexpected! It is sure to get people animated. Whether it’s mixing up tradition, taking a new approach to dining or unscheduled speeches and dance performances, pulling something¬†unusual out of the bag is refreshing and of great entertainment.

5.Keep it Flowing

The big day will be filled with excitement and a feeling of expectation – don’t let it stagnate with stilted moments. Keep in mind that the guests will need to be stimulated. Have a plan to work around potentially dull periods that can leave them listless and bored. Activities and entertainers can fill the gap between the ceremony and reception or the courses or dances and ensure a seamless flow.

Ultimately, imagine the experience that you’d want as the guest at your own wedding and you can’t go wrong. By adding that little bit extra into the mix you will have an event cherished by all who attend so that, even years later, yours gets referred to as ‘that’ wedding.


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