6 Best Ways to Decorate with Rugs

It should be quite simple to decorate your home with rugs. Whether you have a large room or a small space, you can use a rug to add elegance and style. There are several different ways to use a rug and make your living space shine.

New Ways to Decorate with Rugs

Most people are aware of how to use a rug on the floors, in hallways, and in entryways. Yet, you can do so much more with rugs than most people realize.

Have fun and get creative with your favorite textiles. Explore some alternatives for using rugs as decor.

Jazz Up Your Floors

Choosing the right rug for your floors can bring a room into harmony. With the right texture and pattern, you can create a look that is unique to you.

Explore new patterns and styles. Remember, just because you’re decorating with a rug doesn’t mean it must be square. There are many shapes available to choose from and some rugs don’t fall into a specific shape category.

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Make a Statement with Layers

You’ve heard of layering your clothes, now it’s time to try layering your rugs. A jute rug is often a nice choice as a base rug. Top that with a patterned rug that appeals to you and you’ll have a winning combination.

Regardless of which rugs you layer, always consider the size of the space you are decorating. An area rug need not extend from wall to wall, but it should fill most of the space. Accent rugs and runners are the only exceptions.

Make a Statement on Your Walls

Rugs aren’t made for floors alone. If you see a particular pattern you love, hang it on your wall to brighten the room. Choosing bold and elegant designs is fun and easy when decorating with wall rugs.

Some people like to frame rugs that are most appealing. So go ahead and frame your favorite textile pattern. A rug on your wall can jazz up your room and add a creative touch to your space.

Make Your Windows Pop

Did you know that you can use rugs over your windows as well? Drape accent rugs over your window treatments for a look your guests are sure to appreciate. Bohemian, anyone?

If you are creative, don’t be afraid to alter your rugs into something new and exciting. Some people have even created curtains out of their favorite rugs.

Repurpose Your Favorite Rug

Don’t be afraid to go DIY-style with rugs. Many people are getting creative and decorating this way. There are many things that you can create with a rug. The possibilities might surprise you.

  • Rug-inspired chair or bench
  • Rug headboard
  • Rug quilt or throw

The list goes on. These are just a few of the many ways that you can repurpose a rug. So, go ahead and explore new possibilities.

Update Your Space

Sometimes, all we need is an update to our space. Adding a new rug is a great way to start. Changing things up, be it for the holidays or for a new and different look can make a difference to any room.

Find that special rug that speaks to you. According to David and Malcolm Samad from Samad.com, “Rugs are an excellent way to introduce a new taste or style to your home.” Updating your home has never been so easy.

Decorating with rugs today is fun, creative, and versatile. They are a fast and easy way to bring a new look and a whole new dimension to your home.

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