6 Budget-Friendly steps for a Perfect Kitchen

When your kitchen seriously needs a fresh lick of paint but you don’t have the budget for complete makeover, never fear. There’re many different, quick yet simple ways to renovate the corner and get the latest kitchen accessories without making a dent in your savings. From updating the cabinets to investing in the latest appliances, here’s how to get a dream kitchen with small fortune.

1. Modernise the cabinet
The cabinets you choose can make or break a kitchen and even with a tight budget doesn’t mean you should compromise on something less desirable. Finding doors within a budget isn’t too much of a hassle but replacing cabinets and other kitchen accessories can be costlier so be vigilant when taking the decision.
Before going for the new cabinet doors, think on the looks and functions of your kitchen. Consider the style and select cabinet doors that compliments to the paint and overall kitchen. No need to get too complicated as the best is achievable being simple and coordinated. Research carefully and you’ll surely find various drawer sizes starting from as low as five pounds.
If replacing the cabinets is exceeding current budget limits, a fresh coat of paint would work as well.

2. New lighting
To raise atmosphere in a room in a limited budget is best achieved by installing new lights. With many different illuminations that define the mood and style, you can easily bring wonderful artwork and architecture through innovative LED lights.

Just get a little bit clever and creative with it by using different lighting tricks. Kitchen accessories and design experts suggests lighting primary task areas is important since you don’t want to work in a dull environment.
If yours is an open kitchen comprising a uniform space to prepare food, eat and relax, go for embedded illuminations under transparent countertops that give truly amazing ambiance. A few neat options include square or pole-spring LED lights that cast focus on a specific area.

3. A featured wall
Featured walls seems to be getting out of trend in recent years but still a quickest, cheapest and easiest way to freshen up kitchen décor. You can highlight the dining area incorporated in a kitchen with a featured wall that would surely set it apart in rather an appealing way. Wallpapers are excellent to bring a touch of modernism in your kitchen. Yet another pocket-friendly proposition is displaying colourful decorative plates or paintings on the wall.

4. Update the chairs
Chairs are considered important kitchen accessories so don’t underestimate them when it comes to breathe a new soul in the corner. If you aren’t utilising them too much, chairs come in real handy to set the kitchen tone and standard depending on the style and your choice. While there isn’t a fixed rule over mix and match furniture, you may bring in multi-colour chairs to sit on as well as for decoration.

5. The open-plan shelving
To make your kitchen appear large and spacious than it actually is; open plan shelving is a fantastic way allowing you the freedom to customise it per the likes. They’re easier to use and organise which means you no longer need to stand on your tiptoes and bump blindly in a cupboard looking for something. If you’ve a colourful collection of fancy cutlery, time to take them out of the cupboard and place them on the open shelves.

6. Accessorise
There’re many different ways to decorate a kitchen depending on your style, budget and ingenuity. One of the cheapest ways is switching brands with existing kitchen accessories. Reorganise the worktop, place new items in the centre stage. Look for seasonal discounts and sales promotion deals organised by top brands which is the best way to buy quality goods at a pocket-friendly cost.

Thanks to خزائن مطابخ for sharing such insightful information around the topic . The above steps promise a wonderful, innovative and rather smart kitchen without breaking the bank. Be sure to bring the change in 2017 and surprise your family!


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