6 Reasons Why a Safari Adventure is Good For Your Health

1. Being in nature is a stress reliever:

Safari Adventure

 A safari adventure is such a great way to be one with nature as you spend your days amongst untouched landscapes, beauty, and wildlife. Today we live in a world where we are often bombarded with all types of situations that leave us feeling out of control and stressed. The constant buzz of people, sounds of traffic, even the flashing lights of street signs and adverts stimulate the brain causing unnecessary stress. Stress can make us feel anxious, tired and demotivated. But nature is a soothing remedy. There is nothing like being out in the open, with blue skies and fresh air that breathes life back into your mind, body, and soul. There is something incredibly special about watching wildlife in their natural environment – the encounters are magnificent and you’ll feel the urge to try your hand at wildlife photography. You may find you have a talent and have discovered a new hobby! There are amazing game reserves in KZN where you’ll find all this and more

2. The fresh, non-polluted air is beneficial to your lungs:

The air in major cities is terribly polluted. Even if you stay on the outskirts of the center, it’s still likely you’re affected by the emissions from vehicles, factories, smoke, etc. Poor air quality affects one’s lungs, skin, and general health. But in the bush, the air quality is crisp and fresh, in fact, you’ll notice it immediately. Even the horizon is clearer! There are very few places in the world unaffected by air pollution, so it’s a real treat to your body to spend time in a place like this. There are also a lot more trees, which means increased oxygen, as well as pure, natural aromas emitted from the surrounding flora, which is good for your lungs.

3. Walking safaris are great exercise:

Walking safaris

We all know that exercise of any form is great for losing weight, boosting your metabolism, blood flow, muscle growth – the list goes on. But for most of us, fitting in an exercise or two while traveling is really difficult. On a safari, however, you’ll be doing a fair share of walking and ‘hiking’, maybe even some canoeing, which are all great forms of exercise that don’t feel like a chore. While a walking safari is a great exercise it’s also a unique opportunity to get closer to the nature around you. You may spot a few wild animals (hopefully from a safe distance), but you will also get to smell the indigenous flora and experience the terrain in a special way. Don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide, so you’re in good, safe hands.

4. You’ll eat organic, freshly prepared foods:

Organic food

Being out in the open, experiencing nature at its best also allows you the opportunity to change your eating habits and eat organic food from mother nature itself. Organic food is far healthier and fresher as it is freshly picked and prepared free from harmful preservatives. Organic foods are also filled with natural vitamins that have not been deteriorated by unnatural chemicals to enhance growth and have fewer pesticides. It’s ‘feel good’ food, and is much richer and earthlier in taste. You are sure to feel like a million bucks after eating fresh, organic food.

5. You’ll feel at peace – away from the bustle of city life:

When leaving the city and heading off into the country away from the bustle of city life, your soul itself becomes ‘lighter’. You feel a sense of peace and tranquility come over you as you know you’re leaving the fuss behind. We should listen to our bodies more often as they have no problem in letting us know that they are burdened with the stresses of everyday life, pollution, and unhealthy habits. Take the time to go somewhere relaxing, natural and fuss-free, because your mind, body, and soul need it. It does not mean that you always have to go on holiday, but at least take a few moments to enjoy life, nature, the sun, other people – whatever brings you joy; do more of that.

6. You’ll sleep better due to less noise pollution:

sleep better

The bush is amazingly quiet because there are no residential areas anywhere nearby, no noise pollution from cars – just mother nature in all her stillness and calm. Of course, this will help you to sleep so much better but will help you to quickly feel more relaxed, rather than have it take a few days to wind-down. We don’t realize how much noise we are actually surrounded by until we go somewhere tranquil and quiet. Noise pollution causes our bodies to become stressed due to lack of sleep and this, in turn, can cause us to become ill or even mentally fragile. Being outdoors in the open, even sleeping out in the bush in a comfortable tent, hearing the sounds of tiny creatures stirring off to sleep and crisp clear air will all add to a really good night’s sleep and an experience of a lifetime.

Ariana Smith

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