6 Things to consider While Choosing a Damp-Proofing Specialist

Don’t you love your home? Then, why do you let your home to suffer from the dampness problem? If your home is suffering from damp then quickly hire a perfect person who can treat your home properly. Well, it is quite confusing to choose a perfect person to handle this problem. Since there are so many damp proofing specialists, some of them are expert to make fake promises to give you 100% positive results.

Thus, in all the ways choosing a specialist can be a bit frustrating. But to deal with the problem is quite easy as there are some damp proofing companies who always stick to their words. Better you should approach them. But how?


Let me tell you. Before choosing a damp specialist, consider below things….

  1. Sort out the field by straining the improperguys: This one is easy and you can accomplish it by avoiding the unqualified or self-certified specialists. This is done by searching a company or individual who is properly experienced and qualified. There are some good members who can work better for you & your lovely home. So, your job is to identify those guys who can do their job with dedication.
  1. Choose the right type of expert based on your needs: There is no meaning to ask a contractor to comment on someone’s work but for that, you need an independent surveyor or consultant. If you approach any estate agent or financial advisor for the same, they may recommend you to hire a damp proofing specialist.

However, it is a good approach but, be careful. Some of the estate agent’s priorities are only to push the sale so they tend to value speed and low cost more than any other things. Most of the time, you may end up getting someone who is a non-certified expert. The best suggestion to do is apply these six checks to the company or person agent suggests and reject them in the case of any doubts.

  1. Always visit the company website and dig the information deeply: Your main focus is to look for some evidence other than their own claims for honesty and expertise. Try to get answers to your questions like what do they do? Who do they work for? Are they in premises or a call center? Basic information is important.

If there is no company number or ownership mentioned on the site then they are breaking the law. You should ask yourself what they are hiding or are they making fake promises. Be sharp just like an eagle.

  1. Always speak to them: Most websites use an online form to request a survey but, actually being frank, you can not beat talking and listening to how you are treated and the list of questions they had to ask of you. This guides you a lot about the professionalism of the firm and is a useful indication of how they will deal with you as you go through your journey with them.
  1. Make sure you give them good instructions: For the sake of understanding, you have to be frank with them. They can not read your mind and if there is anything that you are tensed then tell them in advance. Good firms will have well-trained staff in the office who will try to coordinate with you on the ways. They can also help you with more information.
  1. Meet them on the survey: If you are going to buy a house and they are inspecting it for you, it is not always possible to meet the surveyor. If you can better try to meet them to get a better picture. Meeting the surveyor face to face is the best way to avoid any future problems.

Finally, there are so many reasons why you should look for damp-proofing specialist rather than do damp proofing on your own. Here, there are six things that you need to consider while choosing a damp-proofing specialist. Hope, this consideration will help you choose one like a pro. Have the best experience!

Ryan Holman

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