7 Amazing Healthcare Advancements Through Technology Hacks

Technology and its reach touch every single aspect of life, including healthcare. From a simple database with patient details to high-tech lab equipment and procedures, the world of medicine has greatly benefitted from the advancement in technology. Many more lives are saved, life expectancy is enhanced, diseases can be fought against and overcome and a better quality of life can be maintained.

Major Advancements

While there have been innumerable events big and small that have heralded a new chapter in the field, there are some that have been striking.

  1. Telemedicine

Not everyone has equal access to health. It seems like the more remote you are the more remote too are your chances of access to good healthcare. Attempting to bridge the gap is telehealth services. Using telecommunications to diagnose and treat a patient at a different location is telemedicine. Also called e-health, this method enables people to receive expert medical care minus the travel.

  1. Genome sequencing

Creating tailor-made treatment has better chances of succeeding, rather than a generic approach. Genome sequencing helps understand the entire DNA sequence at one time. This data helps doctors understand the variables in each individual, allowing them to pinpoint areas of disease and its correct treatment.

  1. Wearable technology

Imagine your doctor at hospital knows when you’ve had a fall even if you’re at home. Or the dressing on your wound has sensors that relay information about a possible infection. That’s wearable technology for you. A smart sensor that collects data that can help your medical caregiver in a treatment schedule is a boon indeed.

  1. Electronic health records

No matter which hospital you go to, your health record can be accessed at the touch of a button. Having an intranet, so to speak, between hospitals saves a lot of time and effort. This coordination is especially essential in emergency situations.

  1. 3D printing

A controversial idea due to the question of regulations, but 3D printing can offer much succor. If we can print up objects, why not living, viable cells? Why not a drug and organs? The possibilities are mind boggling. In fact, in many developing countries prosthetic hands are becoming more and more advanced, thanks to this technology.

  1. Shared Information

Technology allows crowd sourcing of information. Whether you’re a doctor looking for new ideas, or a student keen on the complete PALS pretest questions and answersfor practice, shared information, by way of the internet, digital libraries and electronic repositories of information can be extremely helpful.

  1. Robotics

Robots are being used more and more in healthcare. They help in manning hospitals, creating patient records and performing intricate surgery. Robots are taking on more roles changing the face of medical care forever.

Advancements in healthcare are enabling doctors to make better diagnosis by reaching the heart of the matter. Through in-depth scans, better drug delivery systems and more advanced methods of research and treatment, patients are given considerate and quality care. Painless blood tests, electronic pills and huggable robot teddy bears are just the tip of the iceberg. It will be exciting to see what medical miracles technology and the human mind combine to create.



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