7 Gears to Bring if You’re Planning to Go Trekking for the First Time

Trekking is a great physical activity that people of all ages can get into. Whether you want to go trekking with kids or you are a senior looking for physical activity to keep the body in tip-top shape trekking is a great activity that you should try.

If you’re planning to go trekking for the first time, then you have to make sure that you bring the essentials for your first hiking and camping trip. Planning ahead of time will make your trekking a more enjoyable experience and it reduces the stress of trying something for the first time.

On that note, here are seven hiking gears get to bring with you if you want to go trekking for the first time.

1. Trekking Footwear

First things first, you have to make sure that the footwear you use is right for the trail that you’re going on. Although hiking boots is what a lot of people think is the right gear for hiking, it is not necessarily the case for everyone.

For some people hiking boots that go over the ankle provide a lot of support which is why they prefer this as their trekking footwear. On the other hand, there are those who prefer trail running shoes because it has more mobility and it feels lighter.

Each footwear has its own strengths and weaknesses. So depending on what you want out of your footwear, you should decide which one you should choose based on that.

2. Pocket Knife

If you’re going on a hiking trip for the first time, then a definite essential for any trip is a pocket knife.

A packing knife has a lot of use. Thus, you’d want to have it with you at all times in case you get yourself in a pickle.

Your pocket knife should be portable and has a good grip on it so that it doesn’t slope from your hands and cause an accident.

Investing in a reliable pocket knife that doesn’t break easily will be something you’d thankful for when you’re out in the woods.

3. Flashlight

Since you’re going to be in the middle of nowhere it’s unlikely that you’re going to have access to electricity. That said, you’d want to have a flashlight with you at all times.

For each person in your hiking trip, there should be a one-is-to-one ratio of flashlights so that nobody has to be stuck in the dark. You can also have an easy-to-carry flashlight that you can hang with you by your keychain.

A heavy-duty flashlight is also a great thing to have but it shouldn’t be something that is on your person at all times.

4. Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are another essential for hiking that will make the physical activity a lot easier for your body to bear.

Using a trekking pole to assist you on your hike will make it easier on your knees. That way, the weight of your body after each impact doesn’t all the rest on your lower body. Aside from that, it will help you keep your balance when there is rocky terrain.

There are a lot of different trekking poles so you have to make sure you do your research on which trekking poles are ideal for your trip.

5. Sunglasses

When going hiking on a sunny day it’s important that you have sunglasses. That way, you won’t end up damaging your eyes from the very bright sun.

Having to glare against the brightness of the sun will be hard for you when you’re hiking, especially when you’re on rough terrain.

Speaking of protection against the sun, it’s also worth the investment to have a hat. You should also apply sunscreen on your face and body before trekking.

6. Rain Gears

Even if you know that it’s not going to rain on the day of your hike, it’s still ideal that you have rain gears with you at all times. This allows you to acclimate to the weather no matter what, even if you weren’t prepared for it.

Packing extra layers of clothing is also ideal because the evening can get quite cold when you’re out in the wilderness. Besides, if it rains and your clothes get wet, having extra clothes with you will be something you want.

7. Cord or Rope

Helping some form of cords or ropes with you might be a little extra but it’s something that you would appreciate having in case of emergency.

While you’re camping, there are a lot of things that might require a sturdy rope or even a thin cord. So having one with you is a little extra thing that you might appreciate.


Going trekking is a worthwhile activity that not only boosts your mental well-being but also improves your overall physical state. To make the activity as enjoyable as possible, you have to prepare beforehand so that you don’t end up stressed in the middle of nowhere.


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