A New Way Of Fundraising- The Ice Bucket Challenge

Today, fundraising activities have increased worldwide, and non-profit firms have come up with several ways of generating revenue for the noble causes. In the era of emerging technologies, the firms have taken a step forward in the social media to raise funds.

However, there are several ways these non-profit organizations can raise funds to support their cause. One way in particular, become known as ways is the “ice bucket challenge” which went viral in 2015 and raised over 100 million.

Let’s have a look at some ways that can help you raise funds for your cause through ice bucket challenge.

Organic Innovation

The ice bucket challenge was initiated by just one individual and wasn’t pre-planned by any association behind the closed doors. It started as a fun activity and went on to support the noble causes that have been supported by several non-profit firms. It is completely an organic activity that doesn’t involve any chemical or any other harmful stuff. Simply ice and nothing else.


The Ice bucket challenge is quite simple and easy to explain to anyone in no time at all. The items you will need are not hard to come by: a bucket, ice and water. By supporting this cause they become an active participant.

Leverages Competition Among The Participants

The ice bucket activity instigates the participants to challenge their friends and family or they have the choice to donate money. If not money the organization still creates awareness.

Active Engagement

The ice bucket challenge doesn’t limit to a particular range of people. Any age of people can take up this challenge; from young teens to adults. Every generation of individuals can engage themselves in this challenge and support the cause of the non-profit organizations.

How Can You Get Started With Your Fundraising?

Collect The Donor Data

You can gather the contact information of the participants and spread the awareness of your fundraising cause. In this way, you can deepen the relationship with your supporters thereby raising your funds.

Campaign The Challenge For Others To Promote Active Participation

You can campaign this event effectively by putting it as a challenge for others. People who are not only competitive by nature but also generous will actively participate in the event and give full support to your cause and your organization as a whole.

Provide Supporters/Participants With Educational Information

You can equip your supporters and participants with the information about your organization’s goals. Moreover, you can also tell them about the cause you are supporting in detail. It will make them aware and motivate them to support your cause in raising funds for the same. Make sure that your campaign brings awareness among the people along with adding a fun factor to it.

Take The Campaign On Every Communication Channel

In the world of emerging technologies, you are benefited with several communication channels where you can campaign your goals and cause for the support. Moreover, you are exposed to a wide range of social media where you can take your campaign to an impactful level.

When you aim at raising funds for your non-profit organization’s noble cause, you get a wide range of ways and methods to do so. Use the methods effectively to raise huge funds and supporters for your organization.


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