A Quick Overview of High-Quality Custom Made Gloves for Sale

Whether this is your first time taking up boxing or ring fighting as a form of rigorous training, or if you just feel it is great for recreation, you will need to find and use the best quality custom made gloves. When you do set out to shop for and order boxing gloves online, you will find that there are several types available. The gloves design wouldvary and so do their size. Each one has distinct features, but still sometimes, finding the right fit becomes nearly impossible. However, finding the perfect glove is important. The good news is that Infinitude Fight creates custom boxing gloves, according to your specifications.

Here is a quick overview of the different styles and features you may find when you search for custom made gloves online. The details here should help you learn what you may like to customize in boxing gloves specifically for you.

Unprofessional Gloves (or Amateur Gloves)

The purpose of these gloves is to protect the knuckles of amateur fighters. As a newbie in this sport, your hands may not be ready for the blows. The knuckles especially need protection. In a competition, amateurs can sustain serious injuries without these gloves. Therefore, buying them is important. However, the problem in most cases is that everyone’s hand size and bone strength varies. Some amateur fighters cannot withstand the impact on their knuckles. In this case, opting for custom made gloves is a great idea. Infinitude Fight can design special gloves using your specifications and deliver them to your doorstep.

Training Gloves

Nowadays, brands advertise their gloves with terms like “training gloves” or “bag gloves.” These gloves are more like the usual gloves you see every fighter wearing. Sometimes, they may vary in the padding or cushion inside. Some have more cushion while others have less padding. This determines the impact the glove will make on the opponent and at the same time how well it would protect your hand. If you are searching for readymade gloves, then you will most likely come across these. The drawback of opting for readymade gloves is that they may not fit well and can lead to avoidable hand injuries. Why not get specially customized ones for yourself when the option is available online.

Sparring Gloves

When a fighter goes into the ring for a sparring bout, wearing these gloves protects both you and the opponent from severe injuries. It prevents knocking anyone out of consciousness. However, to use these, you need to have gloves of acceptable weight. Good brands sell sparring gloves with standard weight. When you take the risk to order boxing gloves online, you would want to make sure they are perfect. If you feel you cannot risk getting gloves that do not meet your expectations, then it is best to opt for custom made gloves from a reputable brand. They will make sure the padding is soft and weighs just right to give you the perfect balance while you are sparring.

Professional Boxing Gloves

This gloves design is for experienced fighters and boxers. They are mainly for those who want to participate in a professional bout or competition. Wearing them gives you maximum protection and comfort. They have firm and strong padding although the size may seem smaller and compact as compared to other regular boxing gloves. They may come with Velcro straps or lace to tie them up. On average, they weigh 8-10oz.

Before you move on from here to order boxing gloves online, here is a tip. Do not fall for professional gloves believing they will work. Sometimes, readymade gloves are not comfortable enough. It is always better to get custom made gloves.


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