A Step-By-Step Guide To Organize The Perfect Car Party For Your Child

Are you confused of what theme will you select for your kid’s birthday party? You can think of a fantastic idea, which would be off beat, all comprehensive and yet, never too overbearing on your pocket! What about having a car party? Can be quite a hit, especially you have a boy at home, right? You can really cheer up your child’s birth day party with the special Truck as well as Car ideas. This will create a “wow” factor to your party.

What are the basic things that you need for your party?

Besides having Trucks or Car supplies, like the cups, plates, Napkins and also the decorations, you may really want to rent or purchase some of the following items to make your party more attractive:

  • Any movie related to Car … try Herbie: Transformers: The Animated Series, The Love Bug, The Disnie’s Cars, or you can even do some online search to come up with some cool ideas?
  • Car toys
  • A Pinata
  • Race Tracks and the Match box cars
  • A racing video game like Need for Speed, Mario Kart, Gran Turismo, Burn out etc.
  • You can also think of hiring a car themed bouncy castle to add that extra dose of entertainment. A reliable Bouncy Castle Hire Northampton agency can show you some nice options.

Make an exciting Invitation:

A creative invitation always builds excitement as well as increases the attendance at your kid’s party. If you are the only founder then below are some helpful ideas to go through:

At first you need to take a yellow construction paper in a half size and have to cut it out in a car shape or a dump shape. Then write “Caution [i.e. Kid’s name] is becoming [age]!” in front of the paper. Now take some black construction paper and cut into circles to make the wheel of the car and attach to the card using the brass fasteners as they can spin. Add all the details of the party in your card.

You can design the invitation card as a license plate whiling giving the name of the home state as your state and your kids name as the plate number. Add the party details on the back of the card. You may also make it in a top fold card writing the party details inside the invitation card.

You can also make an odometer by cutting the circle out of the black card board making it looks like an odometer. Using a white gel pen draw the tick marks outside around the card representing miles/hour and includes the party detail in the middle of it.

Party Decorations:

  • You need to use plenty of trucks as well as toy cars to decorate your party idea. If there is an access to a larger toy truck then consider them the way to hold the child’s birthday gift till your kid opens it.
  • Use a sidewalk chalk and draw a road making the driveway. Allow your kiddie guests to draw colourful toy cars, trucks, tress and the signs that we see on the road during the party.
  • Make some sign of the construction paper written as “Catch Your Ride”, “Curvy Road Ahead” or “Start The Engines”
  • Set a match book truck as well as a toy race track on any one of the table placed in the party.

Food Ideas:

Become creative with the party food and serve some special theme based treats. Some ideas are listed below:

  • You can serve some pasta salad which should be made of rotella pasta resembling wheels.
  • Make cars by cutting the fruits and giving as a car shape.
  • Serve a colourful desert using green, red as well as yellow food colour which will resemble the traffic signal.
  • Serve the chips, cookies, and also the other snacks items in the back of the toy car.
  • The birthday cake should look like a toy car or a truck and can be the center of attraction towards the kiddie guests.

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