All You Need to Know About Aluminum Extrusion

If you are implementing a modern architecture with the inspiration of custom elements, aluminum is the right material to use. Aluminum features less weight compared to steel and offers sufficient strength. In fact, up to 70% of commercial aircraft are made from alloys of aluminum. Aluminum also has many favorable factors that make them the most suitable for most framing applications. According to Galuminum, the leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer, aluminum and its alloys are durable, affordable and easy to maintain.

Why should you use extruded aluminum?

Extruded aluminum features exceptional characteristics that you will not find in any other materials. Aluminum has good thermal conductivity and low temperatures. Alloys of aluminum can be lengthened without losing their quality, which makes them perfect construction materials for cold weather applications.

Aluminum develops its protective oxide coating naturally, which makes them naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Here are some of its main advantages:

  • It is capable of withstanding highly-corrosive environments such as marine settings.
  • It does not produce sparks during operations, making it the best option when constructing in areas with a highly flammable liquid or gasses.
  • Extruded aluminum is very strong and can resist all forms of distortion caused by weather situations such as wind and heat. It is flexible and capable of remaining strong under any load and springs back to shape after the force.
  • It has a lower melting point and is lightweight, which makes it easier and efficient to operate as compared to steel.
  • It is easy to obtain any kind of shape in a single piece of extruded section, reducing the number of mechanical joints you will have to make when building structures with other materials. This also ensures strong frames that do not loosen over time. For example, Galuminum extruded aluminum materials are widely applied in curtain walls.
  • You can easily joint any materials including steel and aluminum to the aluminum extrusions using any jointing methods such as welding, soldering, brazing, bonding, riveting or even interlocking.
  • The aluminum surface is naturally aesthetically pleasing and does not require any further finishing. However still, it can be painted, anodized or powder-coated where necessary.
  • Aluminum has high scrap value, meaning that you can be able to recycle used aluminum without losing most of its desirable characteristics.

T-slot Extrusion Aluminum Framing:

Among all-aluminum framing components in the market, t-slot extrusions are the most popular type. They are designed to include one or more long and narrow slots located at the sides of extrusion. This extrusion allows you to fix screens or panels anywhere along the axis.

The t-slot extrusion aluminum profile can be a mono-slot, bi-slot or tri-slot depending on the number of slots on each side. In most cases, the t-slot aluminum can have between one and four slots on one side leaving the other side smooth with aesthetically pleasing designs. Some t-slot extrusion profile includes thicker walls and can be used to build structures with high load requirements. Take Galuminum for instance. It provides many kinds of t-slot extrusion aluminum materials to cope with various industrial needs.

Galuminium Analytical instrument

Developing Extrusion Products:

Aluminum products are available as readymade of custom made products. If you need custom products, you can discuss your requirements with Galuminium Group Co. LTD. The company will be able to analyze your requirements within the least time possible and help you design your custom made product.

Galuminium Group Co. LTD will give you the technical personnel to help you achieve:

– Energy-efficient solution

– Environmentally-friendly solutions

– Well designed products that fully utilize the capability of aluminum.

– Satisfying aluminum solutions that surpass your expectation.

Aluminum Tools:

The best tools that can be used when dealing with aluminum are made of steel and are super-hard as well as resistant to abrasion. They should be able to shape the aluminum without losing shape.

Aluminum companies use custom made dies to produce outstanding products. Galuminium Group Co.LTD own dies while some acquire such tools from independent tool makers. They have come up with design aids that allow them to develop the most effective extrusion die designs and improve their design from time to time to optimize its performance. They employ different methods to improve the dies that include:

  • Simulation of material processing in the dies to allow them to learn more about how they can optimize performance.
  • Using the computer-aided design program for designing the dies. This makes it possible to calculated possible resistance in ports, stresses in webs and mandrel deflection.
  • Employing different methods for tool steels heat treatment.
  • Using different methods for treating dies such as sc nitrocarburization, nitriding, plasma vapor deposition, and vapor deposition.


Minimum and large extrusions are obtained by pressing the aluminum through a die with a single opening. But small extrusions are achieved through pressing the aluminum with multi-aperture dies. Here are some products and tips you should keep in mind:

Choosing the right allow:

Pure aluminum is relatively soft and does not suit the needs of most structures. However, aluminum cal is allowed with other metals to obtain with characteristics that fit exactly the needs of most industrial applications. Here are some of the aluminum alloys that you can easily find in the market.

1050 aluminum alloy:

The 1050 allow is a non-heat treatable alloy that is commonly used in heat transfer such as in HVACR, electrical and automotive industries. It is highly resistant to corrosion and has high thermal conductivity as compared to most other alloys.

3003/3103 aluminum alloys:

The 3003/3103 is also a non-heat treatable allow with good erosion resistance. It is easy to weld and well as work with. It is great for strengthening structures in cold areas and is normally used in HVACR as well as automotive industries. They are highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical properties, which make them great for marking air conditioning evaporators and car radiators.

5083 aluminum alloy:

The 5083 aluminum allow is great to work and is very easy to weld and easy to predict their resulting strength after welding. They excel in corrosion resistance, which makes them the best choice for the salt-water environment as well as the marine environment.

Final Verdict:

Aluminum is the most useful metallic element with many applications at home, sea, land and almost all industries. Although aluminum may not provide enough strength that is required for some structural applications, there a different aluminum allows that can provide enough strength for structures that requires moderate strength.

Thousands of companies and homeowners are finding aluminum frame system most suited for various applications including solar panel installation. Custom aluminum extrusion suits most applications because they are corrosion-resistant and stiff enough to resist wind.

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