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All You Need to Know About Cats Eye and Emerald Stone

A piece of jewelry definitely adds on to one’s beauty. Why not wear a piece that has some more benefits to provide than just making you look good then? Gemstones are the answer for all who nodded their heads to that question. The cat eye and the emerald stone are the top picks if you want to start walking on this road.

The stone:

Also called as emerald, Panna stone is an attractive gemstone which lists the Big Three gemstones of the world namely Rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The Panna stone stores the energies of Mercury and these are placed favorably in the horoscope of the wearer. Its benefits can be reaped most by wearing it as a ring or a talisman. As intelligence is a key domain of mercury, the wearer’s intelligence will be sharpened too, and it will also help enhance his understanding of life.  It will also you will bring about a sharp spurt in one’s creative abilities, language skills, and artistic talents

The importance in astrology:

Astrologers say that panna has a lot of health benefits to offer as well. Overcoming speech abilities and remedying respiratory difficulties are the top. Other than this, the Panna stone can also cure nervous disorders and allergies. Panna Stone online shopping
should be done only after a thorough research and a consultation with an expert astrologer though.

Cats eye stone:

Another gemstone which proves to be highly beneficial to the wearer is the cat’s eye stone. If, you’re looking for a way out of a financial crunch or trying to recover from lost wealth, buy cats eye stone online. It can be worn in a ring, pendant or even as earrings but the best results are believed to derive from rings. Apart from helping ward off the evil eye, the cat’s eye stone also brings about discipline and self-control in the wearer. As it is the gemstone of Ketu, which is considered a spiritual planet, wearing it helps detach from unhealthy habits and materialistic desires too. If one is looking towards gaining spiritual advancement, the cat’s eye stone will help on the path to becoming a religious seeker or even an evangelist. A lot of unnamed fears and complexes can also be overcome by wearing this gemstone.

Always remember that it is necessary to know about the gemstone you are planning to buy or wear.  Understand thoroughly whether it is going bring about good or bad effects according to your horoscope. So if there is a long pending or upcoming court case in terms of land, distribution of wealth, dispute with enemies of brothers, the Panna stone is said to bring about a fruitful end or result to such problems. Otherwise, a wrongly worn gemstone or wearing a gemstone that doesn’t suit your horoscope is highly likely to do harm rather than a benefit. So if you want to wear a gemstone do consult an experienced astrologer before you wear one and even make sure you wear it right. He is the  person who can guide one accurately and offer the best result to the wearer. As there are many sellers in the market one needs to buy the same from a trustworthy seller who offers the certificate of originality.

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