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An Interesting Guide About Skiing Sports Activity

In winters, when the snowflakes begin to blanket the grounds, it brings a joyous season for skiers.

Skiing is an exciting activity, loved by most of the people throughout the world. The term “ski” comes from the Old Norse word skíð, which means a piece of wood. Skiing is widely accepted as a sport activity. As compared to snowboarding, skiing is quite easier to pick up mainly due to two key reasons:

  • Separation: Skiing allows you to keep your legs separated. At low speeds, you can easily throw one leg out to re-balance yourself in case you start to fall.
  • Body position: Skiing is generally done with a straightforward, straight-on posture. It allows the beginners to have an overall peripheral vision. They can see clearly where they are going, what is there in front including other people and objects.

Today, skiing has emerged as an enormously admired recreational activity and sport among people of all ages. Here are some of the most interesting facts about skiing that you must be aware of, have a look:

  • During the 19th century, skiing was considered more of a man’s sport
  • Skiing as a competitive sport, can be classified into 3 types namely, Alpine, Nordic and Freestyle skiing. In Alpine skiing, people ski with fixed heel bindings, in Nordic skiing, there is no need to have a fixed heed and the freestyle skiing includes jumps and performances.
  • Alpine skiing as a sport made its Winter Olympic debut in the year 1936.
  • Cross-country skiing is one of the 7 winter sports that have been a part of every Winter Olympic Games till date.
  • The first ever recorded downhill skiing race was held in Sweden in the year 1879.
  • The popularity of skiing can be determined easily with the fact that, more than 80 countries throughout the world offer some form of ski area for skiing related activities.
  • Millions of people visit ski resorts or areas annually, all across the world.
  • Speed skiing is among the fastest non-motorized sports on land.
  • Skiing is very beneficial for your health, while skiing downhill with moderate effort; you can burn around 350-400 calories per hour
  • Skiing is very much famous in the US with 40 states having ski resorts.
  • The modern-day skis are of a shorter length, with toughened edges and a superior binding system that binds it to a stiff plastic boot.

Before hitting the slopes, there are certain important things that you need to keep in mind such as:

  • Doing a little amount of exercise in preparation can make a great difference to your skiing fun factor. A small amount of workout will provide you strength and help to increase your stamina.
  • Remember to pack all the necessary things when going for a ski holiday including clothing, footwear, etc. You can either check with your friends who have been on a ski holiday before or take packing list tips from useful sites online.
  • To prevent the risk of sun damage to your skin, get all the skin care items with you including the goggles or ski sunglasses.
  • If you are a beginner, taking lessons from experts will be a great idea. It will help you to gain confidence on the slopes.

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