Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid Are In Great Demand In Bodybuilding And Weightlifting

The steroid was invented for treating some extremely vulnerable or emergency medical conditions, which potentially helps the patient to get some sort of relief from the pain agony. In later days, this particular medicine invaded the sporting arena, especially in the bodybuilding and weightlifting, which are being introduced to enhance the muscles and the strength of the user. In the athletics, since the ’60s of the last century, the steroids are getting popularity and nowadays sports personnel from various sports and country are trying this item for getting excellence in their respective sporting activities.

While these drugs are quite popular and these days even newcomers or younger generation is more and more inclined to this; some precautions have to be taken for the better result, as well as, for protecting the basic health from getting deteriorated. This steroid drug has to be taken on the advice and vigil of a medical practitioner, who have adequate knowledge about the pros and cons of these products.

The Product Profile

The Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid can be taken in both oral and injectable forms, but this has to be decided by the sports medicine specialist or a doctor, with adequate knowledge about this drug. This drug essentially building up the bigger lean muscles, which help the sportsman in bulking up and also develops their physical strength. There are some renowned film and sporting personalities, who had tried these steroid drugs and got remarkable results, which helped them a lot in got excellence in their respective field. People, especially the younger strata, always try to follow these personalities and a strong desire being kept very close to their heart; to emulate these heroes, which often led them towards this steroid drug for fulfilling their dreams.

The steroid was developed to treat some muscle slaying effects of some of the serious illnesses and since its invention, the drug was successfully tried on some ailments, such as; AIDS, Anaemia, Asthma, Arthritis and even in cancer. Anabolic steroid is nothing but a synthetic drug, which is having the potential of producing human hormones, such as, testosterone. In the history of sporting events; Russians are the pioneer in developing and using this steroid drug and after seeing their magical result, other countries like USA, Germany, Canada and other Balkan countries started manufacturing and using this drug for competing in the sporting events, such as; Olympic and World championships.

Present Scenario

While the rampant use of Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid has been noticed in the sporting events, almost all apex bodies, especially the Olympic Association, took a serious note of this and taken some important decision to free the sporting arena from the clutches of these steroid drugs. Nowadays these steroid drugs are considered as a banned item and if anybody found guilty of having these drugs, in any form, stern actions are being taken by the user, as well as, the respective national or international body are also being fined or cautioned. Like many other drugs, the steroids are also having some serious side effects, therefore, the experts are to be consulted before trying it for any purposes.


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