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Are You Knowledgeable About Your Options?

In some way, we’re all on a quest for knowledge. Learning is a sure way to expand your mind and open your horizons. We watch documentaries and read books to broaden our minds. But, is the quest for knowledge enough in itself? Some would argue not. In fact, some people claim knowledge is best when shared. Which is why many of us go into careers which allow us to spread what we know. Sharing knowledge strengthens your learning. It also means others can benefit from your mind. What could be better? If a knowledge sharing career appeals to you, we’ve got a few options worth considering.


Of course, teaching had to appear high on this list. When talking about sharing knowledge, it doesn’t get much better than this. When you teach, you hold future generations in your hands . You have the power to make learning fun and interesting for young people. If you specialise in a certain subject, you might want to head into secondary, or higher education. If your knowledge is more generalised, primary teaching may be better for you. In a lot of ways, the school you teach in will determine how enjoyable the job is. Think about your motives. It may be that you want to teach in top-quality schools. If that’s the case, head to a company like Simply Education and see your options. If your priority is working with troubled children, you may want to look into schools that aren’t doing so well. You never know, you could be the teacher that reaches those kids who need it most!


If teaching seems too much, you could always head into private tutoring instead. This job has the benefits of teaching without the pressure of a school environment. This is a better way to work one on one with a specific student. It will allow you to get to know that individual well, and give them your undivided attention. Which isn’t something you can achieve in the classroom! Again, this option may be best if you specialise in a particular subject. Parents are often on the lookout for maths of English tutors, for example. If you have a degree, you can start offering your services straight away on sites like Indeed. If not, you may need to gain some experience before you can find jobs easily. It might be worth asking your friends if their kids need any help!


If you want to take your knowledge further, you could turn to writing. Journalism and nonfiction writing can be incredibly satisfying. They’re a fantastic way to ensure your messages reaches a broad audience. Of course, you can’t break into writing overnight. You may want to start with a blog and gain an audience. Then, pitch your ideas to newspapers or agents. Make sure to research the market and send your work to the right people. If you send a nonfiction book pitch to an agent who reads fiction, they’re unlikely to touch your manuscript.

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