Best Five Sewing Machines for Beginners

If you are starting in the world of sewing, knowing how to choose the right sewing machine is absolutely very important. There are different types of sewing machines in the market and some serve well for beginners while others would be good to experts. The best machines for beginners normally have easy-to-use features but also come in good quality such that you can use them for a long time even as you advance in your art.

What to look for before buying-

Number of stitches

Different machine brands come with varying number of built in stitches. This is something you must have noticed when comparing different machines and mostly they offer built in stitches ranging between 80 and 100. However, if you are only involved in basic projects, you may not need more than a straight stitch. In some cases, a zigzag stitch might be required. When buying a beginners’ sewing machine therefore, just go for one that is basic and not too complicated.

Your projects

The kind of projects you are involved in will also determine the kind of machine you choose. Someone who needs to do heavy-duty projects such as sewing heavy-duty curtains, jeans, leather and upholstery will definitely require a different machine from the one who needs to do simple repairs or hemming using lightweight fabrics.

Computerized or mechanical

None is better than the other as far as efficiency is concerned and mostly the choice is based on preference. However, computerized sewing machines are good in that they make your work easier especially when selecting stitches since this is done using a button and LCD display. On the other hand, mechanical utilizes a dial whenever you want to select a stitch and the only thing lacking is the elegant backlit LCD display.

With this in mind, we will highlight five best sewing machines for beginners to help you choose one that best suits your budget and style.

Best five sewing machines for beginners

Brother CS6000i

There are many factors which make this a machine of choice for many beginners. First of all, its price is affordable while its features are straightforward and easy to use. It has 60 built in stitches and comes with auto needle thread. According to different customer reviews, the machine is highly rated and worth a thought.

Computerized Singer 7258 stylist

Singer is one of the most popular sewing machine brands in the world. However, this is not what makes this particular machine worth considering if you are beginner. The machine has 100 built in stitches plus auto needle thread.

Brother XL2610

This is an extremely versatile sewing machine and every beginner will find it to be great. The machine has 59 stitch functions but the only thing you would miss is the ne step manual buttonhole.

Brother XL2600

This is another easy-to-use sewing machine which comes with 59 stitch functions. You will also enjoy the auto-buttonholer and automatic needle threader. Although its size is a bit larger than most handheld brands, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s lightweight and portable.

Janome 2212

You do not have to break a bank in order to acquire this unique sewing machine. It is however versatile and comes with 12 built in stitch functions plus an admirable warranty period. It however does not have auto needle thread features.

These five sewing machines for beginners have been selected owing to their ease of use, price and reliability among other factors. It will be good to check different comparison guides to help you identify the best machine in the market to help meet your sewing needs.

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