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Best Holiday Spots To See In Saudi Arabia

Perfect the breath-taking Red Sea beaches of Saudi Arabia are home to the finest diving spots for holidaymakers. Besides the beaches, Saudi also boasts of mountains and valleys that also attract a relatively good number of tourists. Highlighted below is a comprehensive list of some of the best holiday spots that visitors can tour while in Saudi Arabia.

Mada’in Selah

If you intend to visit Saudi Arabia for your vacation, one place you should not miss is Mada’in Saleh. This is a vast archeological site. Its scenery and awe-inspiring nature make it worth exploring.
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  • To get in – it is necessary that you obtain a permit to tour this site. Tour operators and hotel owners are of invaluable assistance if you want to get the permit. However, you should apply for the permit at least one week before your scheduled visit.
  • Accommodation – spending a night at the site is highly forbidden. Tourists have two hotels to choose from; Mada’in Saleh Hotel which is the focal hotel in the town. It provides airport transfers and exploring sites packages. The other is Arac Hotel that offers camping sites pretty close to Mada’in Saleh gates.
  • Food and drink – enjoy nice food at Arac hotel. If you would like to try out the local food, you can pay a visit to restaurants in the adjacent city of Al-Ulah.


Mecca is the holiest place in the Islamic world. It is said to be the birth place of Mohammed. Non-Muslims are strictly prohibited from touring this place. Every year, Muslims from around the globe join in a pilgrimage to Mecca in fulfilment of one of the five main pillars in Islam religion. Though the Ka’ba mosque in Mecca is strictly out of bounds for non-Muslims there are still several activities you can do if you happen to visit Mecca province.

  • Dive and snorkel – go snorkeling or diving in the turquoise waters of the Red Sea. These are activities that come in handy in such arid climatic regions.
  • Hiking – scale the Al Wahba crater located on the north east side of Mecca City. Trek the side of the crater all the way to its top.

Mount Uhud

Mount Uhud is the site where the renowned Uhud war took place back in 625CE. This interesting area forms an intrinsic section of the Saudi Arabia nation. The mount extends from the East to the Western side. There are a couple of things you can do while at Mount Uhud.

  • View the antique graves of the warriors who fought in the battle of Uhud. If you are on an educational trip, you could hire a guide to explain about the history of the site.
  • Go shopping at the date market. There are plenty of wares too sold in the region. Hence, a tourist can purchase a carpet to take home as a souvenir.

For your next vacation, consider touring Saudi Arabia’s best holiday spots. International travel has been made pie easy with most countries providing visa applications online


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