Best Places To Visit Outside The Singapore

Although Singapore is a complete destination within Asia and also an excellent introduction to those who want to start a trip through Asia. We know that when a traveler decides to visit the distant and interesting Asian continent He is not content to go through a single country.

Even for those who want to discover the places outside of Singapore, it stands out for having one of the best airports in the world, Singapore Changi Airport, which flies traditional, regional and low-cost airlines that connect Singapore with all of Asia.

The neighboring Bangkok in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and the not-so-distant Hong Kong also stand out for the wide range of international and regional flights offered by traditional companies and low costs.

Therefore, for those who want to see more Asia on the same trip, Singapore combines very well with the following destinations:


Thailand combines very well with Singapore since it is an easy country for tourists (you will manage very well speaking English) and it has a very developed tourist infrastructure. It has fantastic beach and mountain destinations, a vibrant capital with many attractions, a meal that has many followers and very rich culture. Thailand offers hotels, transportation, and food at very attractive prices.

For those who think that Singapore is too “correct” and globalized, Thailand offers excellent contrast.

Within Thailand we suggest that you know the capital Bangkok and at least one beach destination such as the island of Ko Samui, the island of Phuket (which stands out for its resorts and for being the main point of departure to the island of Ko Phi Phi) and Krabi (from where you can also reach the island of Ko Phi Phi) and mountain destinations such as Chiang Mai where you can meet the northern tribes. But Thailand offers much more. Only the southern part of the country where separatist groups have attempted government institutions should be avoided.


The island, which is part of Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, stands out for its own culture and religion very different from the rest of Indonesia, beautiful beaches, beautiful rural landscapes, interesting mountain destinations, famous resorts, and a hectic nightlife.

The gateway to Bali is Denpasar, where its international airport is, but most of the tourists are concentrated on the beaches of the Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua regions and you can find easily best resorts here, in addition to Ubud which is considered as a center of cultural tourism on the island. In those areas, tourism is well structured and locals understand English.

But Bali is much more than those destinations that at some times do not allow to get close to the local culture. Bali tourism suffered greatly from the terrorist attacks of the past in tourist areas, a ghost that still roams the island.


Malaysia, in spite of how close it is to Singapore, which makes travel much easier, remains in the background against other more renowned neighbors and due to the strong Malay influence in some areas of Singapore, which eliminates the novelty factor in A visit to the country. But Malaysia also has its attractions.

In addition to Kuala Lumpur, its most globalized capital, the country has beautiful beaches such as those on the islands of Palau Perhentian, Palau Langkawi and Palau Tioman (the closest to Singapore), in addition to Malacca with its Portuguese and Dutch influences.


Tourism is still under development in Vietnam. This fact, on the one hand, complicates the tourist’s life a bit; but on the other hand, it offers you the opportunity to have contact with a country in transformation.

The country has a culture – stifled in some cases by the old and rigid socialist regime – and very rich gastronomy. Hanoi, the Halong Bay region, Hue and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) are prominent destinations within the country. In more tourist areas, communication in English is relatively easy.

Hong Kong:

A regional financial center that rivals Singapore, Hong Kong offers the opportunity to visit an urban destination where British culture is mixed with recent Chinese influence. An excellent place to start your contact with the dense Chinese culture in a still westernized environment that facilitates that kind of assimilation.

In spite of having passed through Singapore, it will seem to you that Hong Kong loses a bit of its brightness as a regional metropolis, the city has good attractions, outstanding gastronomy and in addition to a regional shopping center (it does not charge taxes).

It is an easy city for tourists, with a good and cheap transport system, an excellent airport that is a regional hub. The Communication in English is easy although the Chinese is gaining ground by leaps and bounds. If you are looking for more affordable accommodation, do it in the continental Hong Kong. Hong Kong Island prices are higher.

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