Best Products To Buy From Amazon Basics

AmazonBasics is a newly launched services of Amazon Inc. on their e-Commerce platform. Basically, Amazon is selling electronics manufactured by them on Amazon through their own seller platform AmazonBasics. Recently, Amazon also launched products under some more categories also like home & d├ęcor, packing materials, bags, utensils and certain more. All the products are manufactured by Amazon itself and gain a huge popularity in the market just after launch.

Most of the products on AmazonBasics are generally low cost as compared to others and even the quality of the products is pretty good. The reason why the cost of these products is low as these products are directly manufactured and sold by Amazon only. As normal sellers are basically retailers, they have to purchase the products from the distributors and distributors buys from the company. So, everyone will take their margin and ultimately the price of product increased.

To reduce the cost and increase its own benefits, Amazon started manufacturing its own products. During the session 2016-17, the most selling category on Amazon is electronics and maximum sale is from AmazonBasics only.

Confused what to buy from AmazonBasics and what not? First of all, you can buy anything from the AmazonBasics, as all the products are worth purchasing. Even the after-sale service provided by Amazon is also good, customers can easily contact the customer support desk at the Amazon customer care number. Some of the best and most selling products from AmazonBasics are listed below in this article with description. Have a look at these.

  • AmazonBasics Lightweight Mini Tripod

This mini tripod is the bestselling product of AmazonBasics, as it costs only Rs. 599 and quality is quite impressive. It is highly adjustable and made of high quality metal legs and rubber feet to maintain the balance. Tripod is handy and can be easy to carry anywhere. It can be used for cameras, camcorders and mobile phones (holder needed). Its head can be rotated at 360 degrees and it can be tilted at 90-degree angle.

  • Data Cables/Charging Cables

Data cables/charging cables for both iPhones and Android devices are available with them at a lower cost and high quality. All these cables are certified from Apple and Android. Cost of these cables vary from Rs. 200-1000, according to the length, build and color. Also, an additional protection layer is added to protect the wire from any type of breakage and to increase the validity of the product. Data cables/charging cables are the second most selling products on AmazonBasics.

  • AmazonBasics Ethernet Patch Cable

Quality and price of this ethernet cable as compared to others is good and the build material is also perfect. It is a 6-Cat ethernet patch cable available in different lengths such as 3 Feet, 5 Feet, 10 Feet, 14 Feet, 25 Feet and 50 Feet. This cable can be used for networking in both offices and homes. Bandwidth of this 6-Cat ethernet cable in 250MHz and can transfer the data from 100mbps to 1 gbps.

  • Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeves for different sized laptops are manufactured by Amazon with simple and unique designs. These laptops skins have a precise fit for laptops sizes from 7 inch to 17.2 inches. This sleeve is slim and can be easily carry in a backpack or by itself also. A variety of colors are also available in these sleeves.

Recently, Amazon launched LaunchPad which allows the startups to get their business and products recognized through Amazon platform. If anyone wants to join this business, then they can contact the officials at Amazon India head office address.

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