Best Tips for Establishing a Better Social Media Presence

Every business, no matter the size, has to establish a social media presence in order to stay competitive on the market. In this digital world, you cannot build a successful company without social media. Like it or not, social media plays a big part in our lives. Billions of people use social media on a daily bases and it is crucial to use that to your advantage.

Marketing was never easier than now, just because there are many social media platforms that will allow you to reach more people everywhere in the world. In this article, we will go through some of the most important things you need to do in order to establish a better social media presence.

  1. Publish Content Constantly

Brand consistency is one of the most important things that will help you build your social media presence. Most people do not have a posting schedule for each day and the branding of their content is not done the right way leading to mismatched logos, different styles of content, which does not help them create consistent brand image across all social media platforms.

Since you go in the social media presence, you cannot pause or delay your content posting, which means it is a constant everyday work that always needs to live up to your standards.

  1. Let everyone know you are on social media

You must need every marketing tool to let people know that your business can be found on social media. Small business owners report that the best source of new customers is word-of-mouth referrals. You should put social media icons on your website if you have one or use flyers or any other type of promotional material in-store, just to build your following list on social media.

  1. Post Only Sharable Content

You will get the most significant reach on social media if your fans collaborate with you. This means that you should always create content that is engaging and fans could relate to it. It is essential that you follow the 80/20 rule where you will post creative and non-promotional content 80% of the time, and the other 20% you can promote your products or services. Publishing good quality content is essential for establishing your online brand. You just have to find the best way to interact with your customers with your content.

  1. Create Visual Content

You noticed that we are focusing so much time on the content, and there is a good reason for that. For starters, it is the first thing people see before they interact with your brand, and secondly, it is the only way to get their attention. Images and videos are responsible for more than 80% of reach on social media platforms. Focusing on creating vibrant content with striking visual characteristics is the best way to catch people’s attention.

  1. Cross-Promote Content on Different Platforms

In order to establish a more significant social media presence, you need to be everywhere. Obviously, you can choose a social media platform that contains your target audience, but you should not forget about all others. You should cross-promote your content on all social media pages that will enhance your brand characteristics keeping everything the same way and also make your job much easier. You must optimize your content before you upload it to different social media platforms. You do not have to be a professional photo editor to optimize image size to show correctly on all social media profiles.

These are some of the tips for establishing a more significant social media presence and if you follow them your business will grow faster than a quarterback running to a touchdown in the NFL. Since most of the social media platforms are free to use and you can access a much wider audience, you have to use all the benefits that they need to offer. Your social media campaign might be the most important thing when we talk about business success.


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