Biography of Tulga Demir – The Founder of Demir Energy, LLC

Tulga Demir is CEO and Chairman of the Demir Energy, LLC. His company deals in Oil and Energy industry. The company is situated within Greater Nashville Area in Louisville, Kentucky.  Tulga Demir founded Demir Energy, LLC in 2015 and since then, the company has been under him. With his ideal leadership, business model, and pragmatic choices, the company registered awesome success and has ideally become one of the iconic names in Oil and Energy sector now.

Ideally this is no surprise as Tulga Demir is known for his highly reputable entrepreneurial skills and shrewd business mindedness. In fact before starting up Demir Energy, LLC in 2015, Tulga Demir had the opportunity to lead some of the most successful oil and gas companies and real estate/ property companies.

One of the many companies he had the chance to turn around was Global Energy Acquisitions, LLC (GEA) that he Co-founded and also led as the Chief Executive Officer between the period 2010 and 2015. GEA was extremely successful as an oil and gas exploration, development, and production company. It was a geographically focused company that highly operated as a US offshore company and centered on strategic exploration & drilling programs, acquisition & development of oil reserves, and advanced technological oil recovery capabilities in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Here Tulga was highly successful in running the business. This robust and successful stint with Global Energy Acquisitions, LLC (GEA) encouraged Tulga Demir to do more for the oil and gas exploration sector. Therefore in January, 2015 Tulga Demir founded the Demir Energy, LLC as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. In this new company this business mogul, decided to change his focus to a more challenging and unexploited area in the industry that has been highly beneficial to the production of clean energy. He chose to specialize on oil and gas exploration, production, development, and above all the new approach of Waste-to-Energy power production solutions.

Together with his skills in oil and gas exploration, ideal business contract and deal negotiations, strategic management, business risk management, business planning, corporate financing skills, venture capital management, and asset management and acquisitions Mr. Demir has managed to steer his company to greater business heights. Today the company’s headquarters in Louisville, KY serves the greater part of Kentucky.

Tulga boasts over 15 years experience on business field. He is known as a strongly motivational and gifted leader who has robust entrepreneurial qualities and brilliance. Tulga Demir has highly professional training both as a medical surgeon and an oil and gas exploration, production, and development entrepreneur. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Superior from 1996 until 2000 to major in pre-medicine and later on the Florida International University that he attended between 2001 and 2003.

He started his outstanding career in Real Estate development and later on transitioned into oil and gas exploration, production, and development where he has concentrated on since. Today Mr. Demir and Company, the Demir Energy, LLC are boundlessly recognized worldwide for their fascination and commitment to the exploration of clean and renewable energy and for their commitment to creating clean electricity from biomass.

This idea has been boundlessly pursued by Tulga Demir and company with a view of ensuring that future generations enjoy a sustainable energy source and a great care to Mother Earth.

In fact Tulga Demir is a highly philanthropic guy. His commitment to improving the people’s welfare is reflected on his constant advocacy for animal rights, welfare, care and preservation of the environment, economic empowerment, disaster & humanitarian relief, poverty alleviation via research, and provision of social services.

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