Car Enthusiast? Four Must-Haves For Your Garage

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If you’re someone who would rather spend time in the garage with your car instead of indoors, you’re probably a bit of an enthusiast. When you’re spending that much time in a space, you want it to be suited to your needs and wants. Turn your garage from an empty or cluttered storage spot to your personal man-cave with these four garage must-haves for any car fanatic.


Adequate Lighting

A single light in the middle of your garage does little to provide enough light for all areas, especially when you need to get down on the ground and work on tight areas of your car. Especially if you are going to be working on cars a lot good lighting is essential for having a practical garage. Luckily, you can install fluorescent lights along the wall or ceiling to improve lighting in areas that are too dim. A less permanent option is to buy a few work lights. These are more flexible for location and can be moved around the garage to the area you’re working on.


Air Compressor

No garage is complete without an air compressor. Manual tools add unnecessary hours to your projects and battery-operated tools always seem to die at the most inconvenient times. They aren’t feasible for long projects and can be bulky, making them difficult to maneuver in tight locations. Air compressors are convenient to blow up your tires when they get soft and to operate air-powered tools such as wrenches, drills, and spray guns. Ensure that you purchase one that is large enough for your needs. A convenient option for car gurus is to get a long hose for it and mount it to the ceiling. You’ll be able to have a bit more flexibility on where you can use it. A feasible option if you’re on a tight budget is to buy a portable air compressor. It won’t be as powerful or have as large of a capacity, but still does the job.



Keep your garage organized with appropriate storage for everything you need. Keeping things organized makes it easier to find them when it comes time to use them. It also makes your garage look neater. A customizable storage cabinet with various configuration options is the most convenient for long-term use. You’ll be able to modify it as your storage needs change over time. You can get something large or small depending on your space available. Select cabinets and other storage in colors that fit your current scheme, whether it’s a basic black or blue, or a brighter shade of color that pops like red carbon or bright green.



You need a space where you can work on things with easy access to your tools. A workbench gives you a convenient location to fix things that aren’t attached to the vehicle. These include cleaning up parts, making modifications, putting parts together or taking them apart. Workbenches tend to be made of either wood or steel, with an option to include a vise on one side to help hold things in place when you don’t have a set of extra hands available.

Don’t want to buy a workbench? You can make one with a couple spare two-by-fours and a piece of wood for the surface. It doesn’t have to look extravagant as long as it’s functional as a stable work surface. A foldable work bench is an ideal option if space is a concern.


Take advantage of the space you have and time you spend with your car in it by making it ideal for your needs. Add accessories and fixtures that improve the appearance of your man-cave, and tools to maximize your productivity.


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