CCTV Drainage Survey for Home Buyers – Get Drainage Report before You Purchase It!

Over last few years, CCTV drainage survey has almost become a standard practice amongst home buyers. Be it is new or old and commercial or residential property purchase, property surveyors have been constantly recommending property buyers to get CCTV survey done by an authorised drainage survey specialist.

The awareness of CCTV drain survey has also increased remarkably amongst property buyers in recent years. Professional drainage companies in London and rest part of the country are playing important role in spreading the world about the significance of drainage survey ahead of property purchase.


Search For a Trusted Cctv Drain Survey Company

If you are going to buy a property and looking for a CCTV drainage survey company in London or in any other city, always remember to look for a certified and fully insured CCTV drain survey specialist. This will help you get a valid and detailed report about the drainage condition of the property.

When you hire an established and reliable CCTV drain survey company, they provide you with structural schematic report with problems and solutions highlighted along with drainage schematic and DVD of the entire survey. In many cases, insurance companies and mortgage companies ask for performing a drain survey.

Ensure Your Home Buying Transaction Go Right

For a property buyer, a CCTV survey can save a great amount of time and money. You will be able to learn about major issues with the drainage system of the property well before you buy it. Think from another perspective; if you come to know that drainage system has issues which can be fixed in reasonable time and money, the survey results will give you a base to negotiate the price right with the seller.

If the survey reveals the drainage condition is up-to-date, it brings you complete peace of mind and helps you move into new home or office more confidently. While you can inspect all parts of property on own with your naked eyes, we always oversight drainage. If found damaged or blocked later after you shift, drains can be worst nightmare your life could have.

Overall, the point is to clear the importance of drain survey before making a new purchase. After all, nobody wishes for a nasty surprise in one of the biggest investments of their life. The survey will also reveal if there is rat or vermin influx in the drainage.

So, now you know why it makes complete sense to conduct CCTV drainage survey before you exchange contracts or make the purchase. The CCTV survey is beneficial for everyone involved in the transaction. These surveys require no digging and they are affordable.

Other Uses Of Cctv Drain Survey

In addition to property buyer surveys, CCTV drain survey is also used to identify and pinpoint the exact cause of blockage or any other drainage problem, to verify drainage condition pre and post repair, and to reveal the structural layout of your drainage which is essential while planning a property extension or renovation.

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