Choosing A Delivery Hospital? Questions To Ask When Touring

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While preparing for your baby’s birth, it is a good idea to tour several local hospitals to find the one that best suits your birthing needs. Your doctor should be able to recommend the ones that can accommodate your labor and delivery plans. In visiting the various hospitals, here are a few considerations to keep in mind for optimum safety and convenient support.

Does The Hospital Support My Labor And Delivery Plan

Each woman’s pregnancy experience is unique. Some women want a traditional delivery experience with medication to dull the pain. Others opt for a natural delivery. Many choose to work with a midwife or doula in addition to or instead of a medical doctor. Ask questions about the level of external support that the hospital allows utilizing the services of these and other non-medical delivery supporters. Decide before you visit the doctor what you want your experience to be like, and make sure that you pick one that will be able to be in line with that.

Does The Hospital Provide Reliable, Cutting Edge Equipment

Some hospitals are more up-to-date than others in terms of maintaining newer equipment and software. Find out if the hospitals you’re interested in offer standard equipment that is widely used with trustworthy results. You may want to check on emergency equipment as well. For example, some facilities may provide mobile ultrasound equipment sold by providers like Keebomed. A high-quality, portable ultrasound unit may be needed on an emergency basis or for mothers who have not yet been admitted to the hospital to check the baby’s position and birth readiness.

Does The Hospital Offer A Clean, Well-Organized Facility

Visiting hospitals before your due-date will give you an idea of how clean and well-organized a facility is. Notice whether it smells clean or not, and whether the halls and rooms are orderly and neat. Dusty floors and surfaces along with cluttered hallways may be a sign that the hospital is not your best choice. You may also want to visit with the staff and come prepared with questions you may have. By visiting the hospital before your delivery date, you will be able to view the surrounding area and decide if it is going to work with what you need in your delivery. You can meet the staff and evaluate if they will be able to support you in a way that will be important for you.

Ask Friends And Relatives

Find out where other women you know have had positive birthing experiences. Word of mouth feedback helps to narrow the list of hospital choices for those who are still looking for the right facility. You may be able to read online reviews from previous patients for various hospitals, which can also provide enlightening information. By asking around you may save yourself unnecessary stress and hassle. It’s best if you ask women that you trust and know would give you an honest answer. Not everyone will love every experience, so it’s important that when taking their advice you remember what you are looking for too. Weigh the pros and cons of each experience and make the choice that is going to be the best for you and your baby.

Choosing a hospital in which to give birth is an important decision. Decide which criteria are most important to you while visiting area facilities. Choose one where you feel most comfortable and are likely to receive maximum support for you and your baby.


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