Clover Station: Auto Repair POS System Features Explained

Auto repair shops often need to handle large transactions – thousands of dollars at a time in many cases – which means that accepting credit card and mobile payments is a key part of boosting sales and retaining clients. As an owner of an auto repair shop, it’s important that you have access to the latest, safest point of sale systems, such as the Clover Station, to handle your cashless transactions. Without the security and extra features this POS system provides, you can lose both customer and employee confidence.

The Clover Station Accepts All Payment Types

These days, it seems like new ways to perform payment transactions are being developed every week; consumers can now pay with chip cards, their phones, and even their smartwatches. As such, it’s more important now than ever to have a POS system that’s versatile and secure when it comes to cashless transactions.

The Clover countertop POS system gives your auto repair business the freedom to accept any kind of payment, including from a merchant account. Features allow for the following:

  • Debit and credit cardtransactions
  • EVM chip cards
  • Touchless or mobile payments

Best of all, using Clover is safe, easy and secure for both you and the client, which will inherently raise consumer trust for your brand.

The Clover Station Can Help Track Inventory

For auto repair shops, inventory is an integral part of the business, whether you cater to a niche automotive brand or you work with a wide variety of makes and models. Performing repairs in a timely manner is fully dependent on having the right parts in stock at the right time.

If you’ve ever had to delay a repair because you had to wait for specialized parts to ship, you know how frustrating that can be for both you and your client, and in some cases it may have caused you to lose business. Luckily, with the advanced software in an auto repair POS system, you can track what you’ve purchased and in what quantity with precision, allowing for the seamless integration of inventory management into your business finances.

The Clover Station Helps Manage Employee Time Sheets

Like all businesses, auto repair shops experience an ebb and flow of customer activity. You know the peak hours of your business best, so why not choose a POS system that can help you effortlessly manage your employees’ hours and schedule around your busiest times?

With the expertise required to perform auto repairs, managing which of your mechanics are scheduled at what times is vital to providing customers with the best service possible. A Clover point of sale system is an effective tool to facilitate easy scheduling and quickly arranging timesheets to keep your employees in the loop. Like all organizations, auto fix shops experience a back and forth movement of client action. You know the pinnacle hours of your business best, so why not pick a POS framework that can help you easily deal with your workers’ hours and calendar around your busiest occasions?

The Clover Stationis more than a way to handle client transactions; it’s an all-in-one business management system wrapped in sleek, intuitive hardware that can fit on any countertop. Learn more about the Clover and the other benefits it can offer your auto repair business.

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