Cozy Living Room Ideas for Winter

Winter is considered to be very warm and romantic seasons, by many people. Still, when you dig a little deeper you will find out that most of them do not consider the very winter, filled with snow, ice, and low temperature to be romantic. They are thinking more of an idea of winter, seen through the safety of the comfortable home. And truly, winter’s magic works the best when you feel warm, safe and cozy. So, let us see than how we can make your home even warmer and cozier, and thus make the entire winter even more enjoyable.

Cosy living room

Vintage Things up a Bit

There is something inherently rustic and vintage about the winter. As a matter of fact, the first thing that pops to your mind when you think about it is some warm cottage surrounded by the snow-clad forest. If you want to achieve that fairy tale vibe you should say good bye to all the modern, clean-cut elements in your home and introduce a lot of wood. Make sure your furniture has soft lines and enough upholstery and cushions so you can literally sink in it.

Build a Fireplace

The sound of cracking fire is the music for everyone’s ears during the winter. Not only because of the warmth; its entire presence makes any room instantly more appealing and cozy. Fortunately, the number of ways in which you can introduce fire into your home is pretty vast. Are you going to opt for the more classic variety such as massive carved fireplace, or you are going to use the fire pit glass (check it at Blazing Glass) to give a more modern twist to your vintage room is entirely up to you.

Living room fireplace

Install a Cozy Nook

Just imagine yourself reading your favorite book while the snow slowly falls at the other side of your nook’s window. Nooks, of course work the best when they are inbuilt into your room’s layout, but even if you haven’t got one in mind when you were making the home, you can make up for that oversight with a little bit of smart design. Place a sofa next to the window, tuck it in cushions, surround it with two bookshelves, and voila – you will get cozy nook.


Paint the Home in Soft Colors

If your home features some stark and vibrant colors, you will have to make some good use of the paintbrush in order for cozy look to work. The choice of color you will use to paint the wall is, of course, up to you, but try opting for something soft and light, like pastel shades. When it comes to furniture, you can either go for the whimsical (soft colors), or rustic and massive look (dark browns and reds).

Living room nook

Add Small Details

In some cases, small details, like moose snow globe, rustic candleholders, mistletoe wreath, or an antler chandelier can make much stronger contribution to the cozy feeling of your room than some massive furniture piece. Such details are also not that expensive, so be free to experiment with everything you associate with winter, and comfort.

With winter slowly knocking at our front doors, it seems that it is just the right time to start preparing your home for the future months. If you can make it more warm, both figuratively, and literally, we say it is worth a try. You will enjoy the winter more.


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