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Create a Vintage-Style Bedroom

image 1The modern design is mostly all about minimalistic furniture, straight lines and earthy shades of colors, combined with white and black. However, that is not something that just everybody wants. If you are a little bit romantic and you like the charm of the old days, you should definitely try and make your bedroom the vintage style boudoir with the charm of the past centuries all wrapped in the new look. It doesn’t take a lot of money, although it will ask for some investments, but with a little bit of DIY and a little bit of patience, you will have the genuine vintage style bedroom with your own touch about it.


This is the time to hit the garage sales and the antique shops. The central part of a vintage bedroom is the old bed with bars and decorations on them, on both sides. It needs to be big, as small beds will not look just as impressive. If it needs to be refurbished, you will need to make sure that the finish is natural looking. Also, if there are some cracks left in the paint, just let them be as they will add to the vintage look. Also, you will need a night table and a big vanity with amazing mirror. Keep it all in the same style, paint them all cream or white and have some details decorated in baby blue or pink. This will add to the vintage chic.


You will need a lot of textiles to make a bedroom look vintage. First of all, you will need tons and tons of cute little cushions that are made of silk, cotton and other natural materials and they need to have lace details. The bed covers should be matching and they need a lot of textile ornaments, laced borders and embroideries. The same goes with the long curtains that are a must on your windows and if you can, find some silk rope to tie the curtains when you don’t want them to block the lights. Don’t have your beddings and textiles in overly dark or intense colors. Vintage look requires whites, beiges, and those colors of the natural spectrum. They didn’t really have patterned beddings in the old days, but some embroidery is a real bull’s eye with this style.images (1)


Just think about the old days the amount of lights that was available for the bedrooms. Right away, you will conclude that candles and the lanterns are the best bet when it comes to lighting your room and still making it look vintage. Even if you want some light bulbs and night lights, make sure that you place them into lantern-like things and that you have the dimmer installed, so that you can always recreate that old chic with dimmed lights. With your room in vintage color tones and such light, it will be like you’ve travelled back through time.


The first detail that is a simple must in a vintage bedroom is a baldachin. That is the cover that hands from the ceiling over the bed, and in the old days, it has protected the bed and the sleeper from the attacks of mosquitoes, flies and other things. It is usually made from lace-like fabrics that are transparent and give such a romantic look to the bed and the whole bedroom as well. Another detail that can be very nice is a paravan screen in the corner of the room that is used to change clothes. That is very vintage style and it can be very decorative, especially if it is made from carved wood. When it comes to details like this, some pot plants on the windows simply crave to be placed there and to make the whole room just amazing. Floors need not be neglected and a rich woolen rug should definitely find its place there. Rugs in general can change the entire look of the room, and a rug with overly modern patterns or made out of the synthetic materials can ruin your vintage look.

With just a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn your bedroom into the real vintage style room, perfect for resting and relaxing, just like in the old days when life wasn’t so fast paced.



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