Desirable Features of a Good Quality Camera for Surveillance

When one thinks of security surveillance, one thinks of a camera. This is a unit you fix to the garden wall or the gate post to keep the vehicles and the possessions in your garden safe. Naturally, the next thing that comes to mind is the durability.

Ruggedness is essential

The camera must stand up to the elements. This means that it must remain functional when the temperature soars and it must work when you have snow. The best outdoor IP security camera operates under all conditions. It has a cover or hood for the lens so that the snow or rain does not obstruct the field of vision.

Clarity of the picture

The size of the lens matters because if the lens is big enough, you cover a lot of ground with one camera. The optimum size is 4 mm with at least 2 Megapixel image sensor. This will allow you to cover your garden gate and its vicinity. The sensitivity of the camera lens is usually adjustable. This allows you to set the parameters such that it picks up the movement of a cat. If this is too much, you can reduce it so that it only picks up movements of people.

In high-end cameras, you have 180-degree coverage but that is not needed in most cases. A 60-80 degree viewing angel should prove sufficient. In addition, the sensitivity setting allows the camera to capture only those portions that have motion. This helps ease the storage. One can use a memory card to use in case there is a power failure.

The next thing a top IP camera has is good video quality. They offer good resolution with 1080p recording. The lens quality is sharp and crisp so that the images have high clarity and good detail. This is useful when you need to pick out the pattern on the dress of a person or the number plate of a vehicle.

Good cameras have night vision

In addition, they have full night vision making it possible to track movements in the dark. The range of the camera is about 50-60 feet for mid-range models. They must have the capability of withstanding the rain. Even when doused with a spray of water, nothing must happen to the camera.

Tough construction of the camera

Preferably, the parts of the camera should be made of metal so that it is long lasting. The moving parts must have sufficient flexibility so the camera remains operational always. Connecting to the online system is possible through the devices such as the Dropbox. You might need to download an app for connecting the camera to your phone. Accessing the camera through your phone helps you to delete videos or download clips. In some of the cameras, you can set the zones you need to watch.

So, the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a camera will include ease of set up, clarity of the pictures, motion detection capabilities in the camera, ruggedness, viewing angle, and night vision. Of course, if you are buying one for your home, then you might need to consider the cost. Lastly, getting notification on your phone is a feature that enhances the safety.

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