Different Types Pans and Their Uses for cooking

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Whatever kind of cooking you think about, you will always find a great pan to help you do it. Pans are always great when it comes to cooking and the most amazing thing is that they always provide you with the right tool to help you do the job right.

There are different types of pans for you to choose from but this is basically dependent on your type of cooking or what it is that you are preparing. Pans come in different sizes and types and this article will discuss the different types of pans and how to use them:-

Sauteuse Pan

This is one of the most popular pans and happens to be the commonest when it comes to sautéing. The pan has curved edges that make it easier for you to toss your ingredients when cooking without easily landing them on the floor. Sauteuse pans are normally made from different materials but always consider the depth of the pan as is a great addition to any kitchen.


As the name suggests, saucepans are great especially when it comes to the preparation of sauces. Some normally come with a spout for pouring and this is located on one side. When buying a saucepan, it ‘s always good to look for a pretty heavy material as this works well in ensuring that heat is distributed evenly along the bottom.

Sautoir pan

This pan is basically heavier than many other pans and comes with straight sides. It is basically used for reductions and sauces, with its heavy, flat bottom coming in handy for the cooking process. When you need to prepare a protein in, sautoir pans will be great. These pans are available in different sizes ranging from a few inches to even up to 14 inches. However, you’ll find them to be 2 to 3 inches tall.

Lasagna pan

If you are a lasagna lover, then you will need to invest in the best lasagna pan. Lasagna pans can be used to prepare creamy cheese, layers of meat, vegetables and rich sauces. You can either buy glass or metallic lasagna pan but the best approach is to consider how you intend to use your pan before making the purchase. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons which you should know beforehand.

Crepe pan

Crepe pans are made of metallic material with most of them offering seasoned or non-stick surfaces. This type of pan is basically thin thus allowing heat to transmit quickly and evenly. As such, the pan can respond quickly to changes in temperature.

Braiser pan

Braisers otherwise known as rondeau pans are normally heavy and large. These pans normally look more like sauteuse which makes them ideal for cooking protein and then deglazing with liquid and be put in ovens. They sometimes have a cover but a foil can be used at times.

There are also other less-common pans such as asparagus pans, Au bain marie-pans and Blini pans. Always look for a pan that caters for your cooking needs while guaranteeing you great, healthy results. Choose best Pans & make your cooking effiective.


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