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Do Look Natural With Natural Makeup Tips

The term natural makeup refers to makeup that appears natural after it is applied. Many discount makeup retailers and brands are available in market for customers to get their hands laid on. But purchasing the best brand isn’t the solution for achieving a perfect makeup. Ultimately, makeup should boost one’s facial features without over powering them. It should never look fake or heavy. This article will showcase tips on how to look natural and how to prevent overdoing of makeup.

During the daytime, it’s best to apply delicate splashes of colors that draw out the facial features, like high cheek bones, luscious lips, or big brown eyes! However nighttime is the ideal time for applying more makeup as the lighting is weaker than during the daytime.

natural-makeupThe complexion comprises of various tones and undertones. Care should be taken that the foundation makeup should merge these tones to obtain a neutral color. Dull or pale tones can enhance the color by using a beige foundation and similarly using a buff foundation can balance the red undertones. The idea is to bring harmony with what nature has offered you. The key to wear makeup so that it appears natural is to use it scantily and to prevent bright colors.

Few Tips To Apply A Natural Makeup

Makeup application should always start with a clean, moisturized and toned surface. After applying the moisturizer, it must be allowed to absorb for ten minutes prior to applying the makeup. To get rid of dark under eye circles, sprinkle a concealer on the dark surfaces and merge it into the complexion. Importance must be given to the foundation makeup. Liquid foundations consist of a water base  are ideal for normal and oily skin. Crème foundations are exclusively designed for dry skin types. Among all foundations mineral makeup is considered to be best for all skin types. It is usually applied using a brush and can be applied all over the face as well as in specific areas to balance undesirable undertones. Also mineral makeup won’t cause acne as it fills in the skin pores and acts as a barrier between the environment and the person’s skin.Blush must look natural sans any lines of demarcation. Apply blush to areas where the sunlight hits naturally.

Use lipsticks with soft colors that look natural. Always use the colors that blend well with lips’ natural undertones. For naturally pinkish lips, soft pink crème lipstick is considered ideal. However, brown or other natural lipstick shades are widespread and appear totally natural.Finish the makeup with a mild puff of loose powder, which aids in setting the makeup. Finally, brush out all lines of demarcation (if any).

A natural makeup must add faint traces of colors only and should never be overdone. The system of wearing makeup for a natural look is easy and fast if you get the hang of it. All that said, one should never hang up on makeup tools. Better tools help in making the makeup application easier and faster.


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