Does your Holden car need servicing?

We are living in a time where we can’t imagine our lives without cars. It has come as a blessing for most of us. Car is the only vehicle that brings your family close during your journeys to give you many memorable moments. Also, on long routes, cars are your only support. It takes care of your back and legs and doesn’t let us feel the speed breakers making our trips comfortable. You will never regret buying a car for sure. But one thing you can’t ignore after buying a car to make it live long is its servicing, which is an essential thing for you and your car both.

For many of us, our car is not just a vehicle, but it is our baby. We want to take its care more than anything else. So, what to do to show how much you care about your car? Get it serviced! No, you don’t have to go to any service center in your area but only Holden’s service. It is the only spot for your car’s servicing. They know how much you value your car and so it handles everything with care. Holden’s service will never leave you disappointed.

If you are a Holden owner, you will get the below-mentioned benefits:

  1. For 5 years, you don’t have to pay for the servicing of your car. The warranty period covers the servicing of defective materials, approved parts, engine, transmission, interior, and exterior components, as well as any corrosion, giving you peace of mind.
  2. You are going on a long drive, or on a road trip, or you are going for an important conference and suddenly you face issues with your cars like tire puncture or flat battery, they will rescue you immediately. They will be at your location with everything to service your car.
  3. The Holden service center also offers Accident Care. In case you have met an accident and your car has been damaged, they promise to bring your car back on the roads as safe and sound as it was earlier. All the damaged parts of your car will be replaced by the Holden genuine parts made specifically for your car. So, don’t worry!
  4. One benefit it is giving to its customers, that other companies might not be offering is rental services. While your car is getting serviced at the Holden service center, you can borrow their car to move further with your plans until the time you get your own car back. You can choose your replacement from various options available.

To give you short information about Holden, it was an automobile manufacturer in Australia and produced cars like Monaro, Camera, Tirana, Adventure and many others. But after incurring losses it decided to stop the production of cars further and continued as an importer of the vehicles and is providing car servicing facility.

One more benefit it gives to the visitors is 24 hours for the test drive. They allow you to take the car to your office and your home to show your friends, family, and relatives your choice. Obviously, you can’t buy anything alone; you want the opinion of your dear ones. Once you know the choice of everyone, you are set to make those keys yours. And this will open your door to avail of the above-mentioned benefits.

So, now you know how beneficial it is for you to be a Holden customer. The variety of benefits and services it is providing its customers might not be offered by any other company. Hurry up! Buy your model now and avail Holden services as and when needed.

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