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Efforts Not Valued – Results Are

How long have you been looking for a good job? How many times have you met with failures in your life or in search for employment or in so-called society norms? How do you feel being turned down by others? Of course, failures do hurt us. But, do you think others have interest in your failures or they care for you? No; Not at all. Failures are all yours and you gotta take it.

It hardly matters how you played today; what is asked is whether you’ve scored a goal. Yes, this is the ultimate thing this society cares for. Your efforts or activities won’t be called in question if the results are pleasing to others. In fact, you too sometimes ignore when you commit a mistake. As long as the consequence comes out favorable to you or others, all the work behind that results look tiny. But, if you get the other side of results, even the smallest flaw will be pin-pointed. This is our society.

When I was a kid my mom used to console me stating that the setback which I merited in my studies or sports was ephemeral and soon I would see the light . She’d say that I had tried my best but the result was not on my side. It relaxed me and made me stand up again to fight challenges. These days, barring a few instances, such efforts are looked down upon. Your boss won’t listen to you that all your struggles to retain the project yielded no positive result. You keep on saying, ‘ Sir, I put my best efforts but the client didn’t seem to be convinced at all. We worked for them for long but now he is moving away. I don’t why’. Do you think your statement will sound musical to your boss?. No, this won’t since your boss isn’t amused at the fact that your assigned job is not done the way he wanted. Whether you tried for it or not, only an outcome is all that is valued. By outcome, I mean positive and favorable outcome.

Things said above hold good in all aspects of our lives, be it study, employment, income, fashion or so. In our current society, everyone is running after an element barely bothering what exactly he is after. All put up their best show for advantageous proceeds. They fight tooth and nail for it, at times, they just go unethical and unscrupulous for the desired fruit. As a result, the society or the organization for which they wish to bring in the positive outcome suffers. Our efforts, knowledge, labor, skills and all other aspects put together to yield a pleasing result prove futile unless you get hold of the desired point. You must produce the best or be ready to be eschewed.

But, take a minute and think again. Where do those favorable results come from? Why does the society only hear what it wants to? Results can only be stemmed from good and efficient endeavors. Without genuine efforts, you can never have any outcome. Efforts are the base for any means. Then what’s the fuss for? One or two of your attempts may go wrong; may not bear fruit but only after consistent efforts, we can expect a desirable result, can’t we? But does this world accept it?

So put your best foot forward for whatever you wish to achieve in your life. Try not to care for those negativities that surround your failures. Failures will happen, howsoever you try. And, there will be people who love to point at the flaws a person has in his efforts. Do not get bogged down by those flaks. Equip yourself with mechanism that can produce only good and genuine endeavors towards a deed. Expect the best and for sure you will see success. Let the fault finders go to the devil. 🙂


Besides being the main writer and owner of Life and Experiences, she is also the co-founder of Ayanize Co.

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  1. MunmunDas

    The effort you put in this article is overwhelming. You have really come out with desirable result. Kudos! Yes, it’s true if results are not to the mark, efforts are never valued in any sphere of life. It seems as you have a very close view of the society. Would love to be informed from you again and again.

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