Essential Design Ideas to Make Your Old Kitchen Look Spacious and Gorgeous

No home design idea can be complete if you do not pay attention to kitchen renovation.

  • With just few small details like the space arrangement, lighting, drapery, use of cutlery racks an cabinets, you can give a whole new look to your old and worn-out kitchen.

  • But when you are fishing for kitchen renovation ideas then you should consider every aspect which will be affected by this change, whether it is space or budget, therefore, it is always good to have a plan beforehand.

  • It is better to decide about the kitchen renovation ideas after consulting with the kitchen designers so that you can get the option for customization, and yet make maximum utilization of a planned budget.

Modern Kitchen

4 Best Design Ideas for any Modern Kitchen:

  1. For The Small House

If you don’t have enough space to work around then the wrap around shelving can be a really useful renovation idea. In this kind of setting you will need to build tier shelving which can be 2-tier or 3-tier as per your choice with this shelving running all around the kitchen. Using proper lights and applying pastel shades on the kitchen walls will make the kitchen look larger and spacious. Moreover, you can get the countertops custom made to fit in the cook top and oven for maximum utilization of space.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

  1. The Rustic Idea

If you want have the feel of the countryside then it is advisable you start looking at these rustic ideas. The first thing you will need to install in your kitchen would be a ceiling light.

  • Now, you cannot go for any light here, so try to look for fixtures like industrial fixtures which will actually give that rustic feeling.

  • A must in this type of kitchen would be the presence of armchairs; something used in the old days but is sure to bring the charisma of the rustic countryside back in your room.

  • Moreover, getting a cast iron stove can be a game changer for your kitchen as can be the installation of the good old fireplace, so decide very carefully from the choices you have to renovate this special room into the perfect rustic kitchen.

  1. The Budget Idea

Now this is an idea for people who are on budget. If you look carefully then simple changes in the kitchen can have big effects to a room.

  • For example, if you just paint your kitchen, then you will feel the difference instantly. Here you are not investing a lot but the look of the room is definitely changed. For sticking to a certain budget, you can simply use flat-pack kitchen sets, or go for some small designs and simple arrangements where you do not have to burn a hole into your pocket.

  • Another good kitchen renovation idea for people on a budget is open shelving instead of cabinets. This is idea is not only economical because of the fact that you don’t need to install entire cabinets but is also unique at the same time as you get show off your creative side here.

The Classic Design

If you are the one looking for more traditional kitchen renovation ideas then classic design can never go out of fashion. This is a clean and compact design and is an idea which you can put in place for any kitchen. Given the fact that white is the predominant color here, a little tinge of grey here and there can give good contrast to the room. Putting in some colorful curtains on the window of the kitchen will give a more homely which is always a good.

Moreover, you can install both cabinets and open shelves here to use the wall space better while you use your kitchen renovation ideas.


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