Essential Gear For Your Camping Trip

Maybe it’s been a while but the call of the outdoor camping trip never quite goes away, no matter how old you get. Your memories might err on the side of the romance of the hike into the woods or up into the hills. Perhaps there’s some fishing or hunting to do once you are up there. But the truth is, the camping trip is really just about getting away from it all for a few days.

It’s about getting in touch with your inner explorer and outdoorsman. You might pack a few beers and take your smartphone with you, but to get the most out of your trip, you will need some quality basics. These are going to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Here they are.

The tent

Don’t leave home without one. Don’t let anyone persuade you that you will be fine underneath a ground sheet or rolled up in a bit of plastic. No matter what the season it will rain, if only for half an hour at four thirty in the morning. There will be bugs wherever you go and besides you just might want to have a bit of privacy. Get a two or three person tent that has a capacity for stores such as food and clothing. It should have a good inner lining that has vent holes. It should have an outer sheet to keep the rain off. It should be light to carry and easy to put up in the dark.



A good robust torch is a must. In fact two is even better. A pencil thin one with a great bulb that you can take anywhere even if you have got a light on your phone. You will also benefit from a torch that doubles as a lantern. If you think batteries might be a problem there are some good windup versions that are available. You just might need that light if you need to go into the bushes at some point in the night!


Depending on how ‘survival’ you are feeling, you could consider a folding knife as well as a single blade larger version. This might come in handy should you decide to build a fort or need to sharpen some sticks. Hunters will have their own ideas, but a good solid folding knife is a practical necessity. It’s just a useful thing to have full stop. Go to the homepage of a reputable company to find the best choices and makes for your needs.

Sleeping Bag

You may not think it now but at three am you will be glad that this is the warmest, lightest and best sleeping bag you could buy. It will be worth every cent and mean the difference between a miserable cold experience and the best trip of your life.


This is the single most important investment you can make on a hike or camping trip. Everything will depend on how comfortable your feet are after a serious tramp in the bush. Trainers won’t cut it. Invest in outdoors footwear that will protect your feet and ankles.


The rest of your kit will come down to what you can carry. Make sure you leave some room for the beer and a bottle opener. A fire lighter will also be a useful addition. When everyone has exhausted their attempt to light a fire, you’ll be able to save the day.

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