Essential Tips on How to Use Bouncy Castles in the Safest Manner

If you’re planning to add a fantastic wow factor to your child’s birthday party or any celebration, then bouncy castles are the way to go. These bouncy castles are the utmost favourites right now at every party or event – making it a great product for amusement at a BBQ party or even a school fundraising event. 

But, that doesn’t mean that you should be ignoring the fact that there are indeed some tips that need to be followed in order to keep the safety procedure at an all-time high. When you’re hiring bouncy castle hire south Auckland services, it’s also your duty as well to make the products as safe as possible when it comes to usage for kids. The following tips should be exercised with your help and guidance.

The Necessary Tips And Tricks To Use Bouncy Castles In The Safest Manner

  1. Always ensure that you’re hiring the bouncy castle from a company that is reputable enough. The company should be well-known in the market and the product that is manufactured by the company is also reliable too. 
  2. If it’s possible for you as well as the hiring company, then you can ask the company to set up the equipment for you. In case the hiring company doesn’t do the installation, you follow the general instructions inside the operating manual and then set up the product all by yourself. 
  3. You need to ensure that the product you’re currently using has been manufactured under industry standards and requirements. If there’s any label on the product, it will outrightly tell you that. The label should also tell you when it has been manufactured as well. 

With the help of the label’s certification, you’ll come to know how many users can use the product and their recommended heights. These instructions need to be followed at all costs.

  1. In case the bouncy castle that has been provided to you is old enough, then you need to ensure that the product has been checked by a competent person. Such testing ensures that the product is free from any defects or risks.
  2. You should not allow the children to use bouncy castles in case the weather is wet or there are high-velocity winds blowing. Furthermore, the entrance to the castle should be clear and safe to use at all times and the castle should be kept away safely from overhead electricity or power lines. 
  3. If the hiring company has provided an electrical blower with the product, ensure that the blower is working fine before you start using it. The distance between the castle and the blower should be at least two metres. If the blower unit is hit, then it can quickly cause serious injuries too. Therefore, you need to keep the blower out of reach for kids as well as other guests.
  4. The bouncy castle should always be placed on a surface that is even and smooth, with no such bumps. Otherwise, the castle could topple down. 
  5. The responsibility should be yours or the team responsible for doing the event management to monitor as well as check the kids that are playing and jumping inside the bouncy castle in order to avoid any serious accidents. The person who is responsible for such monitoring should prevent the castle from being too much over-crowded with children. Over-crowded places can lead to serious injury to one or more kids.
  6. At any moment, the number of kids playing on the bouncy castle should not exceed what has been recommended by the hiring company.
  7. Ensure that kids whose ages are not suitable for playing inside the castle are not allowed. 

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