Essential Tips On The Maintenance Of Sewerage System

Normally, we all are not much concerned with the working or the functioning of the sewer pipes as far as we don’t face any clogging issues. These are the network of pipes that form the whole plumbing system of your residence or office. Most of the times, you do not care about its maintenance if it serves you well. But, it may happen that due to your ignorance in maintaining these drain pipes, it may lead to costly repairs in future if not fixed on time.

It is important that you give proper attention to your drain pipes while disposing of your wastage in them. It is also needed to maintain your drainage system so as to maintain your sewerage system. For this, you are required to take care of the materials being disposed of into your pipes. Normally, sewer pipes are responsible for serving you hot and cold water and disposing of the wastage thrown by you. This wastage should not be solid materials as they can’t be decomposed by the bacteria present in your sewerage system. Yet, many times we fail to do so and face costly issues due to that. It is also necessary to get your sewer pipes checked at regular intervals to ensure their accurate functioning and detect issues if any. We have listed here few tips that will help you maintain your sewerage system.


It is our general habit to use chemicals to unclog our drain pipes without knowing that they are harmful to the drainage system. This is because these chemicals erode the iron of the pipes and cause harm to them which will, in turn, shorten the life of your drainage/sewerage system. So, it is better not to use these chemicals and call a plumber who will use a snake to unclog the drains.


It is very important that you take care not to clog your pipes. For this, you have to take care that no such material goes down your drains like food leftovers in the kitchen pipes, fallen hair strands in the bathroom, and toilet papers in the toilet. To prevent the mentioned material from going down your drainage system, you can fix the drain strainers in your bathrooms, and kitchen sinks so that the solid materials like food scraps and hair do get clogged on the strainer and you can easily throw them into your garbage. This way, it will be a great help in preventing the clogging of your drains. Also, always pour the liquid grease in a container and then dispose it into your garbage after it cools down. This is because the liquid grease can clog your pipes and can damage them.


It is convenient for you to have a high-pressure water running through your pipes when you are taking a shower or filling up a stockpot. But, many times it may happen that the pressure of the water may cause the pipes to break and leak. This will cause leakage of your drains, thereby damaging your drainage/sewerage system as a whole. Later on, fixing or replacing these pipes may cause you a big cost. So, it is better to have an optimum pressure of water flow which will maintain your drain pipes for a longer period. For this, you get tools from hardware shops to measure the pressure of your water flow and get it fixed at an optimum level with the help of a plumber or a professional.


The water that you use in your house contains different types of minerals in it, some of which can prove to be really dangerous for your drain pipes.

At some places, you get hard water that contains different minerals like magnesium or calcium. These minerals are harmful to your pipes as they shorten their lifespan. So, it is advisable that you soften your water to prevent this damage to your drainage system. For this, you have to install a water softener which will not only soften your water but will also remove the unwanted bacteria from it.


It is very important that you keep your sewer lines and your septic tank clean. For this, you need to call a professional or a plumber and remove the wastage out of your septic tank at regular intervals or every few years. This will prevent the clogging or the damaging of your sewerage system. It is also important that you clean your septic tank every three years with help of a technician who will charge you a nominal cost of around $200 to $500. But, this will save you a big repair cost if not done regularly.


  • It is significant for you to know the exact location of your home’s main water shut-off valve so that in the case where you face blockage of water, you can quickly turn off the main valve to stop the further water flow.
  • Check your pipes and deal with the wastage accordingly while disposing of them.
  • Quickly fix your drain issues before they get bigger and costlier.

If you have never thought seriously about the maintenance of the sewerage system these tips will help you keep its functioning up to the mark and increase its lifespan.


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