Features and Functions of Executive Office Chairs

Executive office chairs fall under the category of commercial furniture. Executive office chairs are top line furniture that is commonly being used by the executives or top-level officers. Mainly CXO level officers such as CEOs, COO, CFO and managers of the companies or offices are the main users of such chairs. It is equivalent to sophistication, style, and laxity in any corporate office. The material of the chair is the crucial factor to consider while buying these chairs. However, leather chairs are the most common and highly used in offices because of its high-quality built, comfort, and elegance.

Executive Office Chairs

Features of An Executive Office Chair That Differentiate It from The Normal or Staff Chairs Are Following: 

  • These chairs have high backs, with thick padding on the front and back along with thickly cushioned and padded headrest and armrest, respectively. Additionally, these armrest and headrests are adjustable.
  • These are made of glistening leather material, cotton fabrics and wooden. However, leather is most preferable, as it adds volume to the work space. Additionally, it possesses the ergonomic mechanism that reduces the back pain and provides comfortable sitting for hours.
  • Besides, these chairs come with adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted according to different body types and comfort requirement.
  • Apart from this, these chairs offer spring tension, height adjustment, tilt tension adjustment, automatic or one-touch pneumatic seat height, adjustment tilt lock, and synchronized knee tilt.
  • It comprises of brake-loaded castors, 360-degree rotation, robust carpet casters, dual wheel castors, ball-bearing rollers, different back styling, etc.

Major Functions of The Executive Office Chair 

#1 Adjustable height: It enables the person to adjust the chair according to the person’s height. This mechanism is mostly available in executive office chairs. However, it should not wobble or squeak and must have a perfect balance. 

#2 Base stability: These chairs must have durable base providing stability. It is important that these chairs must have fanatical support so that even heavy or big person can sit comfortably.

#3 Lumbar support mechanism: Ergonomic chairs offering high back comes with adjustable backrests. This helps the person to keep the posture right while sitting. Thus, avoids slouching and there will be no back pains, shoulder pain, spondylitis, and fatigue problem. 

#4 Cushioned head and neck rest: These chairs are highly cushioned to provide comfort to the user. Sitting on a solid surface is a real pain to the buttocks. Hence, cushioned sitting provide comfort for hours. Likewise, head and neck need to rest time to time during long working hours. Thus, laying back on the cushioned chair will provide some rest to the head and neck. 

#5 Cushioned Armrests: Just as cushioned chair functions and provide comfort to the user. Similarly, cushioned armrests reduce muscle tension while working. 

#6 Weight: Make sure that the weight of the chair is neither too light nor too hefty. It should be easy to transport from one side of the table to the other without putting extra efforts. However, do not compromise on the stability of the chair. Otherwise, you may fall or get familiar to body aches. 

Office Executive Chairs

#7 Adequate functioning: Ensure that the rotation of the chair is functioning properly without wiggling. It becomes easy to rotate while reaching to the cupboard or shelves to take important documents or files.

In addition to this, the material of the chair is also important while considering the executive office chairs. While the leather has a fine finish and these chairs are easy to clean, but are an expensive deal. On the other hand, the fabric or mesh office chairs need vacuum cleaning to remove the dust particles, but inexpensive as compared to the former. Executive office chairs are highly comfortable and add sophistication to the office ambiance.

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