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Five Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

Do you remember how happy you felt when you first started dating your partner? No one ever expects things to go downhill as the relationship progresses, but that’s often what happens. Sometimes that happiness weakens because you’re just not meant for each other, or maybe you’re having difficulties because you’re not performing proper maintenance of your relationship. Before a break-up occurs, there are usually many signs that pointed to it along the way. If you recognize those signs and do something about them, you might have a chance to salvage your relationship. Here are five things to look for.

1. Your Disagreements Often Turn into Arguments

No relationship will exist without conflict. No matter how alike you and your partner are, there are some things you’ll disagree about. If you’re able to navigate your disagreements with compromise and mutual understanding, your relationship is strong. On the other hand, if even minor disagreements deteriorate into arguments, with yelling, blaming, insults, etc.,your relationship is in big trouble.

2. You Don’t Get Butterflies When You Look at Each Other Anymore

There is a distinct feeling about being in love. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling that might feel like butterflies in your stomach and stars in your eyes. Anyone who’s ever been in love knows it, and you probably felt it in the beginning of your relationship. You could look at your partner and just feel so good. If that awe is gone, it’s not a good thing. It doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, but if you don’t mind a way to get it back, your relationship may be doomed.

3. You’re Dissatisfied with Your Sex Life

If your sex life has changed significantly since the beginning of your relationship, it could be a sign of bad things to come. If you’ve stopped having sex regularly, or at all, and you feel neglected or disinterested, trouble is afoot. There could also be trouble if it’s not an issue of frequency or intimacy, but if it’s an issue of not feeling fully satisfied or happy with the sex no matter how hard both of you try.

4. You’d Rather Do Things Alone than Together

It’s always important for people in a relationship to have their own individuality. You shouldn’t do absolutely everything together, but you should want to do lot of things as a couple. If you’d really prefer to do things, especially social things, alone, your relationship is in trouble. You shouldn’t feel the desire to always be away from your partner and avoid spending time with them.

5. An Ex Has Popped into the Picture

Everyone has a romantic past, but that past shouldn’t be a part of future relationships. If all of a sudden your ex reappears in the picture, it’s a bad sign, and it might mean that old feelings are being rekindled. Occasionally people are friends with their exes, but if your partner hasn’t had contact with theirs in years and suddenly does, it could mean your relationship is at risk.


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