Five Small Way To Make Your House More Secure

Millions of burglaries happen across the world every year, and millions of them could be quite easily negated with a little bit of knowledge. It doesn’t take much to stop thieves from entering your home because they are easily scared. All the majority of burglars want is a house that is easy to break into and one where no one is home. Despite this, endless amounts of homeowners still don’t take the necessary steps. It isn’t too difficult and it won’t take up too much of your time. However, it is extremely important so there is no reason why you shouldn’t take notice of these small tips to make your house more secure.


1. Check The Windows

Everyone checks the doors when they leave their homes, but they don’t check their windows for some reason. So many burglars enter home through an unsecured window that this in itself is criminal. Any entrance into your home that is big enough for someone to fit through should be locked and bolted, just like the back door would. You can even attach alarms so that you are alerted if someone tries to break in.

2. Move The Ladder

Thieves will not only take what belongs to them, they will also help themselves to your equipment just to rub salt into the wounds. There is nothing like the ashamed feeling you get when you realise a thief has robbed your house using your ladders. Don’t give burglars any more opportunity than they need. Put the ladders in a safe place or lock them up if they have to be outside.

3. Get Rid Of The Spare Key

The ‘hidden’ house key isn’t a secret, it is just another method for burglars to let themselves into your home and take want they want, at their leisure. Locking yourself out of your home amazingly frustration, and the secret key is a lifesaver in those situations. However, if someone other than you knows that it exists they will use it against you. The best thing to do is find a local locksmith at Keep the number in your phone and give them a call if you ever need their help.

4. Know Your Neighbours

If you have a good relationship with your neighbours they will look out for you. That means if your house is about to be robbed, or there is a shady person outside, they will contact you and let you know. It is important that while you are away there is someone looking out for your house, and neighbours are a great option.

5. Call The Police

No, not because your home has been robbed. You can call the police and they will give you an inspection analysis that breaks down your home’s strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you can make your home a lot more secure.

They are only five small steps but they make a huge difference. If any of these are options for your house, you should seriously consider them.


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