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Five Tips To Maintain And Care For Your Outdoor Pool Area

Having a pool in your garden or outside area is a luxury. Imagine sitting alongside it with a lovely drink in your hand. Or laying on one of the floating sunbeds reading a book. It can be the stuff of dreams. But what is a dream for some is a living reality for others. But what people don’t understand is the level of maintenance, care and cost that comes in to having a pool area. So I thought I would share with you five tips for excellent care and maintenance of your pool.

Understand your pools water

Understanding the water in your pool is essential. You need to understand your pools alkaline and ph levels. There are simple tests that you can get that will allow you to test the levels of chemicals in your water also. Things like chlorine and calcium hardness. All of which will be given to you when you have the pool installed. Making sure these levels stay correct is vital to being able to use the pool safely. It’s advisable to keep your testing timelines in a diary so you know when each test is due for completion. This will avoid you forgetting.

Don’t forget your pools filter

Your pool will also have a filter that can take in any debris that makes it’s way into your pool. These filters can get clogged up from time to time. It is important to make sure that these filters get checked regularly. A blocked filter could cause a buildup of algae and such in your pool area. Making it completely unusable. If this is something you are unsure of how to do, then there are plenty of guides and tutorials on the internet to help guide you with your particular model.

Clean the pool out regularly

Just because you have a filter, it doesn’t mean that your pool won’t require regular cleaning. This will give you a chance to scrub the pool floor and the tiles. Over time things can build up in these areas. There will be specialised cleaning products you can use to make sure you clean it up as best you can. I can imagine it won’t be the easiest of jobs so it may be worth seeking out a local company that night provide the service.

Add a pool liner

A pool liner could be something that might be worth considering. This is good if you are refurbishing an older pool or updating your existing one. There are companies that provide you with the service. They will ensure the surface of your pool is ready to take the liner for a smooth finish. You can install them yourself. There are some pool liner installation tips online that can help you.

Have a professional service on the heater

Finally, if you are lucky to have a heated pool, then this heater will require attention every now and again. It’s advised to get a professional service taken out to make sure everything is in good working order.

I hope these tips help you care and maintain your outside pool area.

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