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Gift Guide for a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a unique event that celebrates the impending birth of a new child. It’s thrown by friends or family members who want to give their best wishes for the parents-to-be and provide gifts for the upcoming arrival. But what should you get? The following article will attempt to answer this question and more, focusing on gift-giving etiquette at a baby shower.

For those unfamiliar with this tradition to know how to take part appropriately and thoughtfully without going overboard. Below are some guidelines which should help you navigate your way through this tricky situation:

The Baby Shower is not about the Gifts

Do not expect to get any money back if you are shopping for other people. You are expected to spend your hard-earned cash on presents that should be considered a thoughtful token of good wishes and love from one person to another.

If invited, do not feel pressured by others’ expectations to buy something expensive. Ultimately, this event is a socializing time between friends and family. Hence, not an opportunity to show off how much money you can throw around.

Nobody should expect you to Bring Anything

This isn’t like attending someone else’s wedding reception. So either way, feel free not to fret over whether other people think less of you for biting the bullet on this one. It won’t make or break their friendship with you. They might tell disappointed friends who wanted gifts you weren’t able to come.

Know the parents-to-be and make your Decision Based on Their Personality

If you know them well, consider what type of gift they would like or need. Perhaps look into getting something that can double as decoration for their homes, such as art, figurines, or other knickknacks that aren’t baby specific but still suit decorating preferences. Or ask, it’s better to err on this side than spend money thinking you’ve hit the nail on the head when they’d prefer socks and diapers instead.

If you’re set on buying a gift, think of something that the baby can use repeatedly. For example, consider getting them a new pink diaper backpack or some other sort of bag they can use for years to come. It may sound boring, but it’s practical enough that parents will appreciate this more than anything else. Plus, if you get one with their favorite cartoon character on it, your present might even make them smile.

If you Can’t think of anything to get, Don’t Sweat

People will appreciate the gesture more than any material thing you could buy for them. So consider bringing some food or drink items that are easy and quick to make and useful when catering events like these. Ask your hostess ahead of time about which dishes need replenishing before the day is over. You can also bring an extra-large dish with plenty of servings so it can be enjoyed throughout the entire event instead of for an hour or two.

Don’t Forget to Check out the Registry

Whether you’re planning on getting something off of it or not, make sure that’s where your friend registered for her baby shower. Why? Because if they put down what they want and don’t get it, this could be rude sometimes. Ask beforehand, so there are no awkward moments when people hand over their presents. Nobody wants to start things off thinking, “Oh man, I hope she didn’t already have all this.” So double-check before coming through with a gift card instead.

Decorate the Venue

If you’re hosting a shower for someone, try to set the mood by adding flowers and other decorations that are “light,” such as pastel colors. This will help ease any pressure from others trying not to let their attire or behavior be too much of an eyesore. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing balloons and streamers around? It’s fun. Also, isn’t this supposed to be something everyone looks forward to during pregnancy?

Final Thought

Now that you know what to do when it comes time for a baby shower go out there and have some fun! After all, this is the one event in which everyone else will do about everything they can to accommodate your needs. So there’s no harm in going all-out when trying to plan everything. But remember, these things are about celebrating life and welcoming new members into the family. This should not stress you more than you need to, enjoy yourself and remember you’re never too old for cake.

Katie Gorden

Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests, photography, and a campfire surrounded by friends and family.