Maximizing Sleep and Rest for Your Baby

Your bundle of joy is clearly the cutest and the most precious in this world. Babies not only light up our life but give parents boundless delight. Sadly, an astounding percentage of parents are never ready for their new gift.

While you may have baby-proofed the apartment and bought all the essentials, when it comes to sleep, there is nothing you can just purchase off the shelf. So here are our top tips to maximize your newborn’s sleep and rest.

Stay Close to Your Baby

The American Academy of Pediatric (AAP) advises parents to put their young ones to sleep within the same room yet on a different surface. If your baby is within a few steps reach, you can quickly react to the commotion and soothe the baby. Not only will that but this give you the peace of mind for your sleep as well.

Remember if a baby is not calmed in time, he/she could lose sleep for the whole night. Some babies tend to stir for a while before crying out loud and breaking their sleep. In such cases, a comforting touch will push your baby back to deep sleep mode.

Dim the Lights for Nighttime Sleep

Our bodies have a natural clock which regulates our drowsiness according to night or day. For babies, this clock is developing and therefore maintaining the right light exposure is critical.

At night keep the room dim and quiet to help promote sleep. Even if you have to soothe a waking baby, make sure the room stays considerably dark or dim. Avoid bright lights for night sleep.

Regulating Light for Daytime Naps

Babies also have to nap during the day. In such times, it is important to not dim the lights too much. Keep the curtains open during the day so the biological clock still accepts the daylight. Moderating the light intensity and exposure to your baby will create a natural rhythm to his/her sleep. A natural habit or rhythm will put your baby to deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Keep the Baby Comfortable

Choosing the right baby bassinets and the right bedding cannot be stressed enough. Show your love to your child by selecting what is best. Select a comfortable mattress. If you move around the house too much make sure the baby is comfortable at all times. Your baby will be sleeping during the day and comfort is crucial at this time to put the baby to sleep.

Similarly keeping the right temperature is must. If you live in a hot climate, make sure there is ample air flow near the baby. Choose netted bassinets and regulate the temperature during the night. According to AAP, your baby’s room temperature should be comfortable for a lightly clothed adult and also warm enough to abstain from over-dressing the infant.

Bathing at the Right Times

Before you put your baby to sleep, make sure he/she is clean. Bathing before sleeping can be helpful. However, if the bath is irritating or harsh for the child, the baby will not sleep well. Make sure the temperature is not too cold nor too hot. Use an appropriate bathtub for your baby. A clean and cozy baby will fall asleep in no time!

It is also advised to massage the baby before sleeping, particularly if the baby just bathed. Do not let the baby skin get dry during the night. Apply the right oil or other supplements. Babies are weak and soft so massage them with care and best try to learn beforehand. Observe how your baby responds to the massage areas and within few days you will master soothing your baby to sleep.

Tiring the Baby

Tired babies sleep faster and longer. There are several ways to induce this weariness to your baby. Carry your baby for at least 3-4 hours a day. As the baby absorbs this new and changing information, the weariness seeps in. Carrying babies also creates comfort and close bond to the parents helping to soothe the baby in irritable situations.

Another proven technique is feeding the child before naps. If your baby is breastfeeding, the melatonin in the breast milk will induce sleep and drowsiness.


As your baby gets better sleep, so will you. It can be tiring and downright exhausting for new parents to care for their newborn. Try these tips and of course always consult physicians for any irritations or problems.

Sumeet Thakur

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