Great Dental Hygiene Tips we all Must Follow

Good oral hygiene is important to lead a healthy and disease-free life. Not following oral hygiene means you stand to face a variety of dental and medical problems later on.
Your teeth and gums are precious and they need regular care and sort of pampering in order to remain healthy. That’s why, dentists recommend undergoing routine check-ups.
Further, everyone is supposed to follow oral care tips and not ignore dental health. Those who do ignore get plagued by issues and diseases as varied as tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, heart diseases, strokes etc.

Here are some great dental hygiene tips we all must follow –

#Proper Brushing 
Daily brushing is important. Doing it twice a day is what dentists worldwide recommend. Not brushing the teeth on a daily basis means giving harmful bacteria and plaque a chance to get stored up and weaken the teeth structure. So, you should devote at least 2-3 minutes with the act of brushing daily.

#Follow Brushing Etiquettes
Brushing alone is not enough. Rather, you should know its accompanied etiquettes. You should brush in a circular motion to clean every part and portion of the teeth. You should only use a toothbrush with soft bristles and the brush should be changed after every three months. Always use water or mouthwash to clean the mouth post eating and brushing.

#Regular Flossing
Most of us don’t give as much value to flossing as it should be. For us, brushing is enough which is wrong. After all, brushing alone won’t be able to take out food particles stuck between your teeth. You should floss daily right after the brushing to reach out to areas not possible with the brush.

#Tongue Scraping
We’re in the habit of doing only brushing and then getting back to the work. We skip flossing and we also give tongue cleaning a miss. Mind you, the tongue should be cleaned regularly else the deposits of bacteria and plaque can weaken the tooth structure. Not cleaning the tongue also leads to bad breath.

#Eating Right
Dental care also involves eating right. Which means, you’re not supposed to eat sugary items, fruits rich in citric acids and other items harmful to your teeth. You must avoid wine, coffee, tea, fruit juices, hard foods and all that harm your teeth and gums. You should consult a dentist and get to know the items worth eating for healthy teeth and gums.

#Avoid Tobacco
Tobacco should be a big no particularly when you hope to have dazzling teeth and healthy gums.  More so, tobacco leads to cancer or it’s one of leading causes of oral cancer. This bad habit stains your teeth and causes gum issues. So, earlier you got rid of it, the better will be for your health.

#Never Ignore Toothache or Gum Bleeding
It’s a habit in most of us to not pay heed to toothaches or gum bleeding. We try to ignore dental problems at first hoping them to get better by itself. You should never do this as neither will your problems ever go away without treatment nor will it help you in any way.

#Visit The Dentist Regularly
Regular dental check-ups are important. They keep you informed about problems or issues that exist in the teeth or gums. Or, getting regular dental check-ups means you are ready to get any dental problems to be detected at an early stage. This is how you remain away from diseases.

In overall, you should meet and consult only the best dentist Bushwick and know more about oral care tips. After all, you are supposed to leave a disease-free life full of quality.


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