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Great Ideas For Managing Your Own Wedding Invitations

When you get engaged there is a lot of excitement surrounding the ring, and then even more when you start visiting the wedding dress boutiques. The hype of the wedding keeps you going for many months as you plan and spend and shop for everything you need for your big day. There will always be one or two disappointments but as the big day starts to come together, you can’t help but have a permanent smile on your face!

For some of us, writing out dozens of wedding invitations can be very daunting. We always worry about spelling, and we can get so concerned about making mistakes we put the task off. Unfortunately, there comes a point when they really need to be posted out, so you have to sit down a figure out what goes on them. When it comes to design, most of us use websites with printable wedding invitation templates for ideas. They are also great for getting invites out on a tight budget too. The details that need to go in them is a little more challenging.

Start by finalizing your guest list. Find your magic number and stick to it. Some important people may not make it to the final list, but your budget can’t stretch to suit everybody. Next, type in all the names on a spreadsheet. Any you are worried about spelling, highlight in a different color. This gives you a chance to check them before you commit to ink a mistake. Now you can check the details of your venue. Have the full postal address from their business card in front of you. Some people will use it for the satellite navigation. Type that into your spreadsheet. The last thing to go into your spreadsheet is the time of events for the big day. Have the booking form in front of you, so you know you can’t be getting it wrong. Once everything is typed in, you can print it out and have it in front of you on one page for a reference.


If you are printing your invitations at home, copy and paste from your spreadsheet directly into your wedding invitation template. This way you can avoid any typos, and the list is being tackled in a logical order so nobody should be missed out. If you are worried about your handwriting, this makes life much easier. You can use a nice handwriting font instead. If you would prefer them to be handwritten, give your list to someone with nice handwriting and ask them to do it if you are nervous.

The last part of getting your invites out is the envelopes. Most people will receive theirs by hand, so you only need to write their name on the envelope. For those you need to post, it could be best to phone them, or check their details in the directory. Some people may have moved. You can always email them so their address comes back to you on the computer. Then you can just copy and paste the text to print on the envelope direct. Job done.


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