Guide: An Introduction to Strength Training

Most people who ask about strength training are novices in the fitness arena. This is because most veterans already know that strength training isn’t a goal unto itself, but rather just a part of a full and complete workout routine.

However, if you are still interested in tackling the challenge of strength training, heed the advice of experts from World Gym Palm Desert. They share their ideas and advice to people who are just starting out.

Make Your Goals Realistic:

If you have never done any strength training, or it has been a really long time since you worked out, it is important to set your bar relatively low at first. You don’t really know how much you can do, so it is important that any progress you make actually feels like progress.

Most fitness instructors and experts agree that telling yourself that you’ll work out half an hour twice a week is not only achievable but reasonable, especially if you work a full week. Once you are past that initial stage, you can set more challenging goals, but start small.

Know Your Terminology:

This is especially important if you are working with a personal trainer because they are accustomed to speaking in that jargon. However, even if you endeavor on this project alone, chances are that you will read books, watch videos or read handy online guides to help you. All of these will use the same terminology, so it pays to actually learn the basics.

For instance, a rep (short for repetition) is a full completion of an action. This is the smallest unit. It can be a single squat, or a single pull-up, or whatever you are doing. A set is, unsurprisingly a set of reps. There is really no determined number of reps per set, but it can go from as few as five to as many as fifty or a hundred.

Set the Machines to Your Requirements:

Gym equipment is designed to be used by a lot of different people, so it needs to be highly customizable. That means that you can adjust the height of the machines, the amount of weight you will lift, the width of your shoulders and a number of other factors.

Even though it may seem like a bit of a hassle, you would be surprised just how much these factors can change the effectiveness of your workout. Perhaps it is a good idea to consult a personal trainer just to show you around the gym and the most optimal settings on each machine for you.

What Is Included in a Strength Workout:

In order to boost your strength, you will need to lift heavy things and there is pretty much no way around that. However, the way you go about it can be quite different depending on who you ask and what you read.

Even though the most effective way to build up strength is probably lifting weights, as a beginner, you may want to stick to the machines at first. The reason is simple – if you don’t know how to properly lift weights, you are much more likely to injure yourself free lifting, than you are if you are using a machine.

Additionally, machines will assist you in keeping the right posture and making the right movements. Once you are sufficiently proficient with machines, you can start with the weight, preferably with the help of someone with more experience.

Building up strength can be a lot of fun and is certainly a challenge. However, just like with everything in the gym, you need to make safety your first priority.

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