Hamilton Beach 34102 Portable Induction Cooktop Review

You must have watched your mother cooking for you since when you were a child. Apart from the splendid delicious food that she cooked, there was another thing you might have remembered till now, and that is, the sweat trickling down her forehead as she stir the food beside a heated stove or turn it in an oven. At that time, you must have wished for her life to be a little simpler.

Hamilton Beach 34102 Portable Induction Cooktop has certainly made it easier to spend time in kitchen. Even though we love to be there, but, ask the person who is cooking, he or she might not be in support for it totally. Hamilton induction cooktop with its silent cooking technology has made cooking pretty easy.

This device is efficient, portable and cooks 40% faster as compared to a typical kitchen smooth top range. The flexibility and precision in cooking performance is provided by six heat settings. It can be used to steam, fry, boil or sauté. Use it the way you like in cooking and it will certainly exceed your expectations.


Product Features

The dimension of Hamilton Beach 34102 Portable Induction Cooktop is 39.1 X 11.9 X 40.9 cm and it comes with safety lock feature, easy-to-read digital display, 120 minutes timer with 6 heat settings and it is easy to clean it because of its smooth surface. It is compatible with induction ready cookware such as enamelled iron, cast iron and some types of stainless steel.

Working and Energy Efficiency

Hamilton 34102 induction cooktop creates a magnetic field between the ferrous material in the cookware and the induction coil beneath the glass-top. Heat is not produced in the glass top, but only in the pan itself. Due to heat transfer from the pan, the cooktop will get heated where it is in contact.

Energy efficiency features is highlighted by the fact that only the diameter of the pan is heated. In conventional methods of cooking, first the filament gets heated up then it transfers the heat, but in induction cooktop, the heating starts instantly.


Hamilton 34102 Induction Cooktop is very efficient and it has changed the way we cook. However, there are certain drawbacks such as:

Only compatible utensils can be used on it. The materials that will not work on it include pottery type cookware, aluminium (includes many non-stock pans), glass and copper bottom. Stainless steel utensils of only a certain types can be used. This means you just cannot keep any utensil and start cooking. The basic rule is the cookware needs to have iron at the bottom.

Before you read about Portable Induction Cooktop –You must be aware about Induction cooktop. The cooking vessel that makes use of electrical induction in place of thermal conduction to form up a flame to heat cooking utensils is known as an induction cooktop. It is an electrical heating element in the structure of a conventional hotplate. The induction cooktop is manufactured from a ferromagnetic metal say either cast iron or stainless steel to induce the heating process.

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