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Healthy Diet Plan For Working Women

A healthy diet is very essential for everyone. It is not about following a rigid regime in the diet and staying whimsically thin and depriving your body for the favorite food of yours. A healthy diet provides the body energy to work, help you maintain the weight and also even makes you look better. Healthy food also helps in coping up with stress.

Healthy diet is necessary for each one of us but it is plays a vital role for working women as for most of the time working women do not pay much attention towards the timely meal and mostly rely on junk foods than on healthy diet plan. They normally eat whatever they get in hand.

Habit of eating junk foods will show their effect on the body down the line sometime or other. So, why not take care of our health from starting as it is well said; “Health is Wealth”. Moreover staying healthy is more important than zero size figure as health gone everything gone. Weight loss can also be achieved by doing some Health Tips for Working Womenexercise instead of dieting.

A healthy habit of maintaining appropriate diet can protect us from any tricky situation ahead.

Here is a healthy diet plan which working woman can follow:

6:00 AM– The day can begin with lukewarm water with lemon juice. Add lemon juice to lukewarm water and add honey if needed. At least 2 liters of this water should be drunk as empty stomach can lead to acidity.

7:00 AM– The day could be started with tea or coffee and may be biscuits, toasts or breads.  Digestive biscuits are nowadays very popular as they provide fiber to the body.

9:00 AM- Breakfast time. The breakfast should be the substantial as you are eating after a long break. Some of the breakfast ideas are:

Having 2 chapatis with veggies/brown bread sandwiches/oats/corn flakes/fruits/milk/fruit juices /boiled eggs

The healthy breakfast should include scrambled egg, slices of whole wheat toast, margarine, orange juice and yogurt. Eggs are the best source of iron.

Women needs more iron to compensate the blood loss through menstruation.

11:00 AM– This can be a mid-day snacking period. Fruits/fruit salad/coconut water/ butter milk can be consumed which helps in fat absorption. Some dry fruits can also be guzzled so stomach is less empty for food hence over eating can be avoided.

1:30 PM- Lunch should be less heavy than the breakfast as heavy lunch might make you feel drowsy post lunch. Vegetable salad, chapatis, pulses, curd or brown rice can be part of lunch.

Between 3:00 to 4:00 PM– This is mid-evening snack time. Tea/coffee with biscuits and may be popcorn without butter, some chicken sandwich without cheese. Fast food or junk food must be avoided in order to maintain body weight.

7:30 PM– Dinner. Dinner must be the lightest of all the three meals. It should be like a beggar meal hence quantity taken in should be less as compared to all three of them. May be a veggies, pulses, chapatis, salad should suffice.

Have milk before going to bed to give your stomach a sense that it is full and one will not suffer with constipation and will have a sound sleep during night.

The secret to keep your skin feel fresh and glowing is to have small bits of meal every two hours and do exercise or brisk walk regularly.

Unlike conventional times the roles and responsibilities of women has increased. Now, she is gearing towards from home maker to deal maker. Hence, incorporating well balanced diet has become a need of an hour.


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