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Helpful QuickBooks Tips for Businesses

QuickBooks is must-have software for any small business professional. The accounting program is specifically engineered to cater to the functional, operational, and strategic needs of small businesses. The easily customized program intuitively works for your business and its employees. For example, did you know you can actually use Quickbooks to print your own business checks, and so much more. Here are some professional tips to get the most out of this program for your small business.

Familiarize Yourself

After successfully installing the software onto your computer, take some time to become familiar with the program. Read the directions included with the program, go over the different toolbars, menu lists and icons so that you can easily navigate QuickBooks. Also create dummy accounts so that you can explore various functions and procedures without causing any hassle. Have an informational training process for any of your employees who might be using the program so that they know how to properly handle the different settings.

Create SKU’s for All of Your Products and Services

As your company grows, so will your clients. When you start working with more complicated accounts and bigger buyers, you’ll want to create unique SKU numbers for every product or service they purchase from your business. This will help keep you organized and to build solid, long-lasting relationships. Organize the SKU’s by inventory so that you know exactly where you stand on your entire stock count.

Keep Accurate Records

Keep an accurate tally of all of your inventories on QuickBooks. This will allow you to see exactly where you stand on your inventory counts with just a quick glance. In addition to this, make routine inventory audits. Count all of your products by hand quarterly so that you never find yourself under-stocked and unable to fill an important order.

Customize Your Account

QuickBooks is designed to cater to your small business’s specific needs. Once you become comfortable using the software, personalize the basic look and presentation. For example, if your company uses multiple bank accounts, you can assign a specific background color to each account so that you know exactly which one you are currently working with. This will help you to reduce errors and keep headaches at bay.

Organize Transactions

Use different classes to keep track of your transactions. Classes help you to differentiate different types of transactions, whereas types help you to keep tabs on individual jobs, clients, and vendors. Organize classes according to places, types of business, or departments so that you can easily sort your books later on and use QuickBooks to do taxes.

By using QuickBooks, you can keep your business’s finances and inventory in order so that you can help it grow and offer great customer service to your clients. Just follow these simple tips to get the most out of this software program.


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