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Helping Your Teen Through Tough Times: What To Do

Teenagers can feel their emotions much more intensely than other people. Although you might think they have no ‘real’ or big problems to worry about, to them, their world can seem as if it’s crashing down. You need to be there to help your teen through tough times. Here’s what to do:

Encourage Them To Feel Their Feelings

Encourage them to feel their feelings rather than stuffing them or running away from them. There are so many different things a person will turn to rather than simply feeling their feelings. They may eat, self harm, spend, runaway, act out – their feelings can manifest in lots of different ways. Make sure they know it’s OK to feel sad and that it’s better to face those feelings head on than to try to get away from them.

Be There To Talk To Them

Make sure you’re there to speak to them. Validate their feelings and let them know they matter. You need to ensure they’ve known from a young age they can speak to you, or they will struggle to open up now that they are older. Never tell them they are being silly, and make sure they have your full attention. Always be there to talk to them!


Look For Signs Of Depression

Look for signs of depression in your teen to see if this is more than just one bad circumstance. They might be cutting themselves, over/under eating, irritable, making jokes about suicide – there are all kinds of things you must look for. If you notice these signs, it’s important you act as soon as possible to get your teen the help they need.

Get Professional Help

Professional help may be needed if your teen has lots of issues to work through. Depression in teens is more common than you think, and there are many people out there who can work with them to come through it. They might be apprehensive to try it at first, but you should make this a priority.

Keep The Whole Family Healthy

Although you will be focusing a lot on your teen, you must try to keep the whole family healthy. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself by eating and sleeping properly. You should also ensure you’re not neglecting your healthy children, or they could develop problems.

Don’t Blame Anybody For It

It’s all too easy to play the blame game and try to pin the blame on somebody, or even yourself. But don’t. It’ll only make your stressful situation much worse than it already is. Instead, focus on helping your teen through this tough time. It should be all about them and their health, blaming anybody won’t make a difference.

You must be persistent if you’re going to help your teen through this hard time. They may need lots of attention and help before they feel like they can make it again. It’ll always be worth the effort and money it may cost you in the long run. Don’t give up on them!


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