Home Automation for Elderly – Ingenuity and Convenience Guaranteed

Home automation is not such a familiar concept for many. We are in an era where such automation has become necessary to survive. Assistive domotics is a type of home automation that focuses on helping the elderly and the differently able people move easily in and around the home. This makes the house much more safe and comfortable for them. Home automation has become a viable option for such people who will prefer staying in their houses rather than venturing out. This makes them feel secure and ushers in the comforts of a safe environment for them.


Home Automation used by the security companies and the entertainment industry is almost similar to the home automation that is used for the elderly and the differently able people. The same science goes into making one class of people safe and the other class to people luxurious. Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds and one advantage of this is the perennial upgrade that happens to our standards of living. This said and done, home automation makes it easy for the elderly people to new mobile and is independent.

Home Automation

Forms of Home Automation

There are two main forms of home automation systems used by the elderly people. One is embedded health systems and the second one is private health networks; the former deals with integration of sensory items in appliances and the use of microprocessors to make the house safe and comfortable for their living. These sensors and microprocessors are integrated into clothing and furniture to collect and disseminate information and recognize risk patterns as far as health is concerned. The private health networks implement the wireless technology that is inbuilt in their systems and this is used on a massive scale to connect portable devices. This is also used to store all the collected data in a house to house database that has every record possible of the members staying there.

Advantages of Home Automation

  • Elderly people need to be comfortable and safe. They need to have their self-esteem intact and make sure that they can have a life of their home and not depend on anyone else – be it their sons and daughters or other relatives. Home automation does this – give confidence to them to go about leading their lives and revel in the fact that they can do most of their things themselves.
  • The home automation leads to homes being smart homes and this makes sure that the health care facilities and old age homes are avoided at any cost. This is one of the main reasons why people are deviating more and more to the home automation systems. The health care facilities are anxiety prone places to the elderly and smart homes frees them of this anxiety and lets them have a great life even when they are old.
  • Emergency, assistance systems, fall prevention techniques, timer alerts, security features are all integrated into modern home automated systems. These create an impregnable wall in and around the house that keeps the residents safe and accident free at any given point of time.
  • The loved ones and relatives are comfortable knowing that their elders and differently able companions are leading an anxiety free, safe life. All that you need is an internet connection and you can tune in to the home automation and watch your parent or relative move on in their life happy and safe. Home automation systems have brought peace of mind and serenity to many a person.

These systems are integrated in such a manner that a lonely person can connect via the internet to other people and get rid of their loneliness. If the users vital signs exhibit rapid changes, the emergency systems can send off alerts and signals for help. The collected data can be assessed by the family and relatives whenever they want to.


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